Thursday, April 12, 2012

Voter ID Opposition Equals Citizen Disenfranchisment

     There has been quite a dust-up recently over the institution of voter ID laws various states. Democrats are opposed to these sensible laws because they say it disenfranchises blacks disproportionally because more inner-city blacks are likely not to have IDs than other segments of the population. The fact is that most states allow lower income residents to obtain state IDs free, and in some states they will even send a representative to a person's house to sign them up for an ID. Nothing could be easier than obtaining an ID, no matter in which state you live.  
      The most obvious reason for Democrat opposition to voter ID laws is corruption of the voting process. If one doesn't have to prove who they are, it allows for more deception in voting. This was recently illustrated by James O' Keefe, the now famous videographer who exposed the immoral and illegal tactics of President Obama's favorite community organizers, ACORN. Mr. O' Keefe strolled into the polling place in Attorney General Eric Holder's district, and without an ID, the poll worker was going to allow him to vote as Eric Holder. The poll worker actually said that as long as he was on the list and said he was who he claimed to be, no ID was necessary. The really frightening part is that Mr. O' Keefe never said he was Eric Holder, he only asked if they had a registration for Eric Holder. The poll worker eagerly volunteered to allow him to vote as Eric Holder.
     I think the opposition to voter ID goes much deeper than simple elections fraud. Without an ID it is very difficult for someone to fully participate in our society. An ID is needed to cash a check, obtain a credit card, board a plane and hundreds of other activities which allow a person to fully participate in the economy. We should be encouraging people to be responsible by securing an ID. But the political fortunes of Democrats depend on keeping people irresponsible and separated from participation in the economy. The more people become self-sufficient, the less they need Democrat politicians passing legislation to feed, clothe and house them. This has been outlined by President Obama in many speeches, most recently when he talked about the failure of the "on your own economy." The President would have people believe that they can't make it on their own and need government to intercede on their behalf. But what the President, and others who believe as he does, fail to recognize is that it is free market capitalism and the individual freedom it provides that created a nation that has advance the human condition more than any other in the history of the world. Freedom dictates that the individual takes the responsibility of proving who they say they are when it comes to our most precious right, the right to vote.

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