Friday, July 25, 2014

The Communist Plot Of Single Motherhood

     There are few things that have contributed to the downfall of our culture, and the meteoric growth in the size of government, than the explosion of out-of-wedlock births over the last half century. Back then, before the War On PovertyThe Great Society, and even government run health care, out-of-wedlock births clocked in under ten percent of all births in the general population, and barely occupied a place in the teens for inner city blacks. Today, the general out-of-wedlock birth rate is 43 percent and a whopping 72 percent for inner city blacks.
     While demographers and social "scientists" pontificate on the causes for the lack of children being born to two parent traditional homes (the most optimum method for insuring responsible contributing members of society) those who have created this seismic shift in our culture are rubbing their hands together with glee. It has been no accident that the rise in out-of-wedlock births has been accompanied by an expansion in government.
     The modus operandi of the Left over the last fifty years, through entertainment, media, and education has been to place the desires of adults over the needs of their children. Hence the no fault divorce laws, the redefinition of marriage away from its prime directive to raise responsible children to just a union between any two persons who love each other, and the outright veneration of single motherhood. The feminization of the American male and the enervation of fatherhood has been in fulfillment of the communist manifesto that centered around destroying the family to increase dependence on an all-powerful centralized government.
     The Left has released all restraints on government in order to place them on individuals for the expressed purpose of unmaking the founding of this great nation. And the deliberate and methodical destruction of the traditional family has been the centerpiece of that unmaking. A corollary to the destruction of the family is that of the communities in which they use to reside. When one belongs to a strong traditional family, one is less likely to engage in anti-social behavior for fear that that family will be ostracized from the community. It is this sense of community, and the individual family's role in that community, along with the role of religious organizations, that were the threads which wove the moral fabric of our nation.
     The communists knew three quarters of a century ago that if America's strong families could be compromised, America as a beacon of freedom to the world could be destroyed. Arguably there would not have been a President Obama if there were not an over-abundance of single mothers to vote for his big government policies. The proliferation of big government programs walks hand-in-hand with the scarcity of liberty. It is a cycle that begins with the redefinition of family and ends with the redefinition of freedom. A cycle that sadly is in its final stages in a country that was built upon, and owes its successes to, the culture of the traditional family. 

Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Top Five Stupid Things Leftists Believe

     Following is a collection of five "truths" that Leftists hold near and dear to their political hearts. This is by no means meant to be a complete list, just the ideological claptrap of the Left that I believe is the most damning to the culture of liberty. They are born of inconsistencies of logic and blatant ignorance of historical facts and economic data.
     1) There shall be no limit on government to compel business to provide salary and benefits to their employees. Ask any Leftist if government should be empowered to limit the benefits and salary that private enterprises give their employees, and they would say no. However, those same Leftists have no problem empowering government to compel private enterprises to provide ever more generous benefits to those in their employ. Hence the minimum wage, health care, family leave, etc.
     2) Poverty creates wealth. Leftists talk about taxing the wealthy to make things more "fair," as if the wealthy became so by stealing from the poor. This bit of nonsense assumes that the impoverished in this country and throughout the world had wealth at one time, and that nefarious rich people swindled them out of it. Part and parcel to this belief is the idea that the process of government confiscating wealth from those who have it and filtering it through bureaucracy, will magically make the poor wealthier. This belief ignores the simple but prescient statement by Abraham Lincoln that "a man can not build his own house by tearing down his neighbors."
     3) Upon entering into a business venture, a person not only loses his Constitutional rights, but his humanity as well. This argument is buttressed by the Lefts statement that corporations are not people. Which completely dehumanizes those who constitute a business, while at the same time forbidding them from participating in the principles of liberty outlined in this country's founding documents. Hence, according to the Left, businesses are allowed to make public pronouncements when advertising their products, but should be forbidden from such statements that posses the very political views that our constitution protects.
     4) Government is the mother of invention, not necessity. This belief is the impetus behind the corrupt practice on the Left, made into an art form by Barack Obama, of using taxpayer money to fund "green" energy companies that are operated by political donors of the president. This practice ignores the history of invention which almost entirely sprouted from the private sector of the American free market economy. It is also one of the ways in which the Left confiscates money from private hands, ostensibly for the "greater good."
     5) Minority status automatically imputes a moral superiority. This belief of Leftists can be seen in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, where those on the Left support the much more militarily weak, and smaller population of the Hamas-lead Palestinians over the much stronger and more firmly planted on moral high ground Israelis. But this belief is also played out on a daily basis in the United States with the Lefts assumption that the "little guy" occupies the moral high ground by virtue of being smaller and weaker. This morally inverted theory applies to labor vs. management, poor vs. rich, and the infirmed vs. the healthy.
     As previously stated, these five beliefs of the Left are not meant to encompass the whole of polluted thinking by those who subscribe to the very flawed ideology that currently has its bony, twisted fingers around the throat of liberty upon which this country was founded. But they do, I believe, illuminate for the reader the basic misconception that colors the world view of those who blindly follow the destructive force of the Leftist ethos. 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Millionaire President

     The bowel movement that is the lurch towards the Left in this country over the last 40 years has been responsible for a disgusting smudge placed on the Constitution, obscuring the enumerated powers of the federal government. It is hard to believe that in slightly over two hundred years we have been transformed from a country capable of producing men like Thomas Jefferson and James Madison to lead us, to burping up the current occupant of the White House who could not lead a pack of wild, hungry dogs with fresh raw meat.
     Within a decade of leaving office, Thomas Jefferson was selling his 6500 book collection to the Library of Congress because he needed the cash, and the Library needed the books, having lost most of their material in the burning of Washington by the British during the War of 1812. Today Mr. Jefferson could, as a former president, rent himself out at a million dollars a speech like some sort of intellectual U-Haul truck. But men of Jefferson's ilk had too much rectitude to think that their mere presence was worth the equivalent of twenty times the median income of their fellow citizens.
     Which brings me to our current president, who by all accounts has failed miserably to reach any of his stated goals. He said unemployment would dip under six percent by the end of his first term, it did not, and still has not half way through his second term. He said the other nations of the world would respect and love the U.S. under his leadership, our allies have given up looking for our leadership and our enemies...well they have not stopped laughing long enough to tell us how they feel. He said that health care would become less expensive under his take over of that industry, deductibles and premiums have grown beyond the ability of many Americans to pay them. He said he would be a post-partisan, post-racial president, but he has ignored and derided his political enemies, many times using race as a blunt instrument to beat free speech into submission.
     When this pitiful excuse for a president leaves office in a couple of years, he will suck up millions in speaking fees for having left the country almost 20 trillion dollars in debt, the lowest percentage of workers participating in the work force in half a century, and a people crushed under the weight of an obese federal government that has feasted on a high calorie and high fat diet of regulations and bureaucracy. This is the modus operandi of the Left, i.e. reward for failure, whether it is individuals making bad choices in their own lives, or it is a president that has turned a vigorous and healthy constitution into a feeble and groping entity on the edge of extinction.
    Men like Thomas Jefferson and James Madison would be anachronisms if they were alive today. For this is the age of the weakness of entitlement over the strength of character. An age of political correctness over free speech. It is an age of the profanity of spin over the holiness of truth, and the mitigation of evil over the exultation of good. This is the age of failure snatching reward from the jaws of success, and the veneration of men not worthy of it. It is the age of the millionaire president, and the pauper citizen that must grovel at his feet even for the God-given rights of liberty guaranteed by the founding documents of a once great and free nation.  

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Sarah, I Love Ya, But You Are Wrong On Impeachment

     I respect and admire Sarah Palin a great deal for her fidelity to the principles and values prescribed by the founding documents of this great country. I have also watched her with great veneration for her political ability in articulating those values. That is why I have grown very solicitous lately with her insistence that congressional Republicans begin impeachment proceedings against President Obama. Not because I think there are no violations by this president that rise to the legal definition of impeachment, but because as it has been stated, impeachment is not so much a legal remedy as it is a political one.
     There just is not the political support among the population of American citizens to travel the road of impeachment with wild-eyed Republicans hoping to accomplish God knows what with an effort that is guaranteed for failure. The House of Representatives leadership must draw up articles of impeachment that must then be supported by a majority of House members. So far, so good. The Republicans control the House with a comfortable majority. But then those articles of impeachment must then be prosecuted by the Senate, which even under Republican control, would need a two-thirds majority vote of support to impeach. If that miracle somehow happened, then the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States of America would have to agree to hear the charges and decide in favor of impeachment.
     We already know that Chief Justice Roberts has no stomach to mitigate the agenda of the first black president, let alone impeach and remove him from office. Even attempting an Article 5 impeachment would require so much time to get implemented in every state, that Barack Obama will be long gone from office before the state legislatures could vote on impeachment. And even if they could do the deed before he left office, the proponents of impeachment would need three-quarters of the state legislatures to support their position in order for them to succeed. Considering that just over forty percent of the state legislatures are Democrat, and assuming that the rest voted for impeachment, there would still not be enough support to impeach the president.
     An impeachment movement against President Obama would be a political disaster for Republicans and a civic one for the country. Barack Obama, who is failing in popularity, would recover his lost support through a Republican impeachment attempt. The process would end in defeat for the impeachers, while garnering the president a lifeline out of the sea of political disaster in which he is currently drowning. Impeachment would have the added benefit to the president of allowing him to claim the congress is not working for the American people, but for their own partisan agenda.
     With the border crisis, the economic crisis, the unemployment crisis, the foreign policy crisis, the budget crisis, and the entitlement crisis, impeachment should not even be on Republicans' radar. Sarah Palin has been right about so many issues, she was bound to swing and miss on one sooner or later, and impeachment is that issue. Hers and Republicans energy would be better spent articulating conservative principles that will save the Republic, rather than trying to impeach a president that will be out of office in a couple of years anyway. The real fight is not with Barack Obama, but with the ideology of Leftism, which is what really needs to be impeached and removed from the American culture.

Monday, July 21, 2014

How The Left Defines Success

     The expectation for success in Leftist public policy is analogous to a man trying to commit suicide by sitting in his electric car with the garage door closed. Program after program, at great expense to hard working taxpayers, has failed miserably, and yet Democrats and others on the Left continue to engage in an almost rabid support for said programs. For example, just a few years ago a federal government study showed that the Head Start program, that costs taxpayers billions of dollars every year, has shown no evidence of being the least bit successful. Yet Democrats scream bloody murder whenever Republicans try to fight growing the program even bigger. 
     The relationship between Democrats and unsuccessful programs is similar to that of a welfare mother to her offspring; it matters little if they work, the goal is to receive taxpayer funding for them. This strict religious adherence to growing the budget every year, and borrowing money to do so, is the most sacred and revered sacrament of Leftists like Barack Obama and the modern Democrat party.
     The utter failure of the Head Start program is replicated on a daily basis by the federal government because of the simple fact that government, and the bureaucracy it creates, is the least efficacious way in which to accomplish any meaningful success in the arena of public policy. The reason is simple; bureaucracy and bureaucrats see cracks in the human condition as key ways to greater funding, not as opportunities to improve that condition. I submit the Veterans Administration debacle that has recently come to light as evidence for my argument. But it is by no means an isolated failure of the big government model of the Left. And the Lefts support of bigger and bigger government is dichotomous to their utter fear of the same growth in private enterprises.
     The recent outcome of a study completed by the Inspector General responsible for analyzing the Affordable Care Act, has revealed that the ObamaCare website is so completely incompetent in tracking who has received subsidies and who has not, and the metrics used to determine the health insurance subsidies, that the Inspector General's office has estimated that upwards of four million Americans have received unwarranted subsidies. The colossal failure of ObamaCare has not only damaged the quality of care received by American patients, but has raised costs on premiums and deductibles to a level that has and will cripple economic activity.
     The utter obtuseness as it relates to the failure of their programs exists on the Left because they measure success by the percentage of the overall economy government occupies, and the control that gives those in government who dole out taxpayer dollars to groups and individuals they deem worthy of the fruits of other people's labor. The Lefts greatest sin against the Constitution is its hubris in thinking they can cram the square peg of socialism into the round hole of history and somehow create a better society than what once existed in this country as a direct result of the tenets of limited government set forth in our founding documents.     

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Feminism: The Scam Of Leftist Men

     Many of those now proffering the phony War On Women supposedly being waged by Republicans and Conservatives, were prattled at the knee of the 1960s feminist movement. A movement that promised to free women from...well free them from being women. Because to the Left being a woman meant slavery, not complimenting men in ways that lead to a better society for everyone.
     The real aim of the 1960s feminist movement was not so much about freeing women as it was about freeing Leftist men. Freeing them from the responsibility of the families they create, because the government would support their children by confiscating other people's money who had no part in creating them. Freeing them from having to treat women with respect and honor, because the feminist were instructing new generations of women that free love meant guilt-free sex. Not so beneficial for women, but very beneficial for the Leftist men who came up with the idea of inculcating the sex drive of men in women.
     The male of the species being exonerated from the responsibility of their breeding, and for the outcome of that breeding, has been the linchpin of the modern feminist movement. It has destroyed the fabric of manhood in this country and has encouraged single-motherhood. All for the purpose of increasing dependence on government and Leftist programs.
     When one listens to the War On Women babble from the Left, it all centers around contraception, as if women only have one body part, and their entire beings are dedicated to it. There is nothing in the War On Women rhetoric about economic issues or foreign policy issues, or any issue not related directly to women's vaginas. So not only is the Lefts characterization of the Rights position on birth control a complete myth, but even if true, their monolithic view of women being centered on this one issue is worse.
     The reason that the Left has been driven to such extreme lies about this issue is because of Republican's true position on it, i.e. that birth control should not be paid for with taxpayer dollars. The Lefts entire industry is geared toward government using its taxing authority to confiscate money from taxpayers in order to relieve the burden of personal responsibility from as many different groups of Americans as possible. The Rights message of the freeing power of individualism is a grave threat  to the Lefts continued existence. The more free people do for themselves, the less they need, want, or desire the big government programs of the Left.
     Feminism has not only been one of the best ways for Leftist men to satisfy their lusts with the full cooperation and participation of women, but it has had the added benefit of creating more single-motherhood, which in turn creates more dependency on government. Not only dependence by the single mothers, but the children they raise who are much more likely to draw on government services as they enter adulthood than those raised in two-parent traditional homes. So by creating the subterfuge of feminism, Leftist men have insured their ravenous political appetite as well as their physical one.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Barack Obama's Southern Strategy

     During the 1960s, Democrats were playing the same race card that dominates their political strategy today. They accused Richard Nixon and Barry Goldwater of having some secret "Southern Strategy" that appealed to racists in the South. As per usual, Democrats never presented any evidence for their charge, and none was required by minority voters who were more than willing to accept the word of a political party that had a long history of displaying racism. It was a ridiculous charge on its face considering that Richard Nixon was the father of Affirmative Action through his Philadelphia Project, and was the first major white politician of either party to meet with the Reverend Martin Luther King Jr.
     Unlike the Democrats charge of a Southern Strategy attached to Richard Nixon, Barack Obama's Southern Strategy is blatant, palpable, and real. Only the South President Obama is courting is South America, and the many Democrat-Voters-In-Waiting that live there. The numbers are worrisome; one in six Hondurans and one in five El Salvadorians that existed in those countries twenty years ago are now residing in the United States, some legally, but many illegally.
     Some, even on the Right, still refuse to believe that the current invasion of the children's crusade on the Southern U.S. border is part and parcel to President Obama's agenda. Even with the evidence staring them in the face like a rabid dog ready to attack. The very impetus for the current invasion was the Executive Order Mr. Obama signed in 2012 allowing for illegal alien minors to stay in the United States.
     Additional evidence of a planned "crisis" was the hiring by the administration of transport and logistic personnel as far back as the beginning of this year, months before the supposed "crisis" began. The issuing of debit cards to the over 300 thousand illegals that have crossed the border since April, most of them adults, many of them gang members, is further proof of a deliberate erasing of the border by the Obama administration. And finally, the multi-year lease the Obama administration signed with a resort to house current and future border crashers is evidentiary of an administration that does not intend on stemming the flow of illegal aliens any time soon.
     The importation of Democrat voters from South America is ancillary to the tenets of Liberation Theology that Barack Obama studied for twenty years in Reverend Wright's "church." The real goal of President Obama's Southern Strategy is to return what he sees as America's ill-gotten wealth to the peoples he sees as the victims of an imperialistic America. And that is the real sin of Barack Obama; he is unable to understand that America has added to the world, not subtracted. And that the enormous advancement in the human condition driven by the United States of America has come as a result of our founding being an exception to anything that came before or since.