Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Obama Outsources American Security

     Senator Ted Cruz made a salient point recently when he asked if President Obama was going to require background checks for the Syrian rebels he is hell bent on arming with U.S. weapons. He sure as heck did not require background checks on the members of Mexican drug cartels that he armed  via the Fast and Furious program, which resulted in the deaths of several U.S. border agents and hundreds of innocent Mexican citizens. But when it comes to American citizens exercising their God-given right, protected by the Constitution of the United States, to posses a firearm, background checks and ultimate confiscation is the goal of not only Mr. Obama, but the entire machine of the Left.
     Beyond the obvious hypocrisy of the Obama administration's arming of Syrian rebels that most likely are just another viral strain of radical Islam, while trying their hardest to disarm law-abiding citizens, is the fact that the president is engaging in outsourcing American security to a group of individuals that have about as much in common with American interests as a mouse has in common with the interests of a cat. And if the preceding run on sentence did not make it clear enough, Barack Obama is arming the enemies of the United States, and what is more disturbing, is he has the support of many in the Republican party.
     If ISIS is enough of a threat to dedicate U.S. arms, should we not employ the full force of our military, still the best in the world, to eradicating this enemy as quickly and thoroughly as we can? President Obama did not have a strategy just a little over a week ago, now he has one that is bound to fail. That is not just me talking, but many military experts currently serving and retired. The Obama air campaign rejects the logic of history that postulates no enemy has been completely defeated with only an air war.
     ISIS is not a static number of individuals that can be whittled away by an air war of attrition. They are constantly growing, and considering that they were only hundreds strong a couple of years ago and now have numbers well over 30,000, their growth rate is alarming. But even more alarming than their growth rate is their maturation of sophistication, both organizationally and tactically. This growth was greatly accelerated in the last few months, coincidentally corresponding to the release of the Bergdahl Five.
     Some have suggested (myself included) that ISIS has benefitted from the expertise of one or more of these former detainees. It certainly would not be the first time that Guantanamo Bay detainees were found on the battle field after being released. However, Politifacts has roundly dismissed this assertion, and have given it their "pants on fire" rating. Still the question is left begging how ISIS advanced so quickly, not only in size, but in their sophistication, in only 5 months. They not only have become a well oiled military unit, but have managed to gain sufficient oil holdings to make contracts to supply oil to some European countries at a fraction of market prices, which will wage an economic war that could be devastating for the United States.
     For now the president and congress seem devoted to a strategy that is bound to fail, and cause more suffering, not only for the people of Iraq and Syria, but for the U.S. as well. As Napoleon once said, "When you endeavor to take Vienna, take Vienna." In other words Mr. President, do not outsource the destruction of ISIS to ISIS, or any other group whose values are more aligned with ISIS than the United States. This is a job we need to do ourselves or leave undone and take our chances.

Monday, September 22, 2014

The Age Of Synthetic Emotions

     We are living in the age of synthetic emotions, where condemnation is a result of the tyranny of the outraged, and apology is forced by the oppression of the offended. There is a desire in this society that is the bastard child of Karl Marx to not only control behavior, but emotions as well. In the Leftist Utopia it is not sufficiently adequate to worship in the holy place of voluntary oppression, one must practice the sacrament of proper and state approved emotions. To be outraged at that which is state approved to be outrageous, to be contrite for that which the state requires contrition, and to practice compassion in the only state-recommended way available to those living under the reign of synthesized emotions.
     In the relatively short span of my time on this earth (52 years and counting) I have seen the Land of the Free be transformed into the Land of the Freeloading, and the Home of the Brave be mangled into the Home of the Constantly Offended. We have limited free speech, not by the force of government necessarily, but more by the force of a twisted and corrupted culture which requires apology for speaking ones mind. Instead of the virtue of true contrition for acts deserving of such, we have settled for the politically correct vapidity of public contriteness simply for offending with words those dedicated to being constantly offended.
     The malleable minds of the masses have been trained by their Leftist masters to be outraged by an expectant mother smoking, yet be religiously devoted to that same mother's "right" to have her unborn child murdered in her womb. They have convinced a significant number of the formerly free that the criminality of government in the pursuit of "good intentions" is not worthy of outrage, but that the pursuit of legitimate wealth is. The Leftist succubus that has attached itself to the healthy body of American liberty has manufactured outrage for all that is decent, moral, and just, while selling the public the snake oil of "social justice."
     The false compassion of wealth redistribution has been inculcated in a large swathe of the American public, especially the impressionable young. Leftist demigods have redefined the virtuous act of compassion to the venality of government largess fueled by the wealth of an ever decreasing pool of producers and at the expense of everyone's freedom. Compassion has been demoralized by the mitigation of one man freely giving some of his plenty to a man that has none, and the expansion of the authority of government to confiscate from the former and give to the latter. This system of forced compassion replaces magnanimity in the benefactor with resentment, and gratitude in the beneficiary with entitlement.
     We will never solve our problems as a society until we break free of the prison of synthetic emotions and begin to value true and legitimate emotions that spring forth from the human heart, not from the edicts of government or a cancerous ideology. Children never mature into productive adults until they learn the appropriate nature of their emotions. Our nation, I fear, has become juvenile in our disposition of emotions that are promulgated more and more by government and media than by the very souls of a free, just, and moral populace.    

Saturday, September 20, 2014

The NFL Scandal And The False Enlightenment Of Progressivism

     I have tried very hard to avoid news about the manufactured domestic violence problem of the National Football League, and I have tried even harder not to comment about it on this blog. But putting aside the behavior of two of the most prominent symbols of the spurious link between playing professional football and abusing one's wife and children, the "scandal" is illustrative of the degenerative effect that Leftism has had on our culture over the last 50 years, and their desire to draw conclusions on the whole based on the behavior of the few. And the obvious spousal abuse in the one instance and the less obvious child abuse in the other are not important, what has become important to too many in the media and elsewhere on both the Left and Right is the response to the behavior by the offenders' employers.
      The current controversy swirling around the NFL like members of ISIS swirling around a western journalist with his head intact, has created fertile ground for the Left in sports media, as well as the rest of main stream Leftism in America, to harvest the fruits of the seeds they have planted over the last fifty years to replace individual responsibility with collective guilt. This collective guilt allows them to outlaw freedoms that have been taken for granted since our founding. To say that the media on both the Left and the Right have been flogging a dead horse on this issue would be an understatement, they have not only flogged it but skinned it, fileted it, and crushed its bones to be used for mulch.
     The disturbing element of the reaction by the Left/Right media to this "scandal" is the ease with which we as a society have accepted that personal behavior in private life, as horrible as it may be, is the business of employers like the NFL. The Founders would be horrified by the notion of a connection between how a person relates to their spouse and children, and their job. Do we really want employers to be the guardians of morality, or worse yet, the government.? The Framers of the Constitution would have found this idea anathema to every principle for which they fought a revolution.
     The reason that the Founders made no constitutional distinctions or "carve outs" for minors is because they understood that the disposition of children and their discipline laid within the realm of their parents, not the government, and certainly not their employers. As for spousal abuse, yes of course the full force of the law should be brought to bear on offenders, but that still is not within the purview of the offender's employer.
     The NFL and its teams have two priorities, i.e. to win games and make money. They do not exist to serve the social engineering desires of the Left. The Left has successfully inculcated in many Americans that the privacy of personal life is rightly replaced by public scrutiny and intervention. So instead of a nation of individuals as the Founders intended, we have transformed into a nation of nosey nellies, ready at a moments notice to insert ourselves, in the form of government and employers, into the relationships and choices of our fellow citizens. If there is one thing the current NFL situation illustrates it is our willingness to voluntarily sprint down the road of tyranny, with the reckless abandon of ignorance clothed in the false enlightenment of progressivism.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Republicans Give No Choice In This Current "Time Of Choosing"

     Over this past Spring and Summer, Republicans and their mouth pieces in talk radio and elsewhere, were telling anyone who would listen how the mid-term election was going to result in a gain of seats in the House of Representatives for Republicans and control of the currently Democrat-controlled Senate of the United States. They not only said it was a possibility, but that it most probably was going to be an electoral "wave."
     If the latest polling data can be trusted, the Republican "wave" has turned into a gentle ebb with the loss of a majority of the GOP's momentum less than two months before the election. By election day I fully expect that the "Republican wave" will transmogrify into the Democrats holding their majority in the Senate and possibly gaining seats in the House. Although I am not sure that Democrats will have quite enough voter support to wrestle control of the House away from the Republican majority.
     So what happened? How did the Republicans squander a lead in the polls that could have comprised a wave of victory this November? The answer is simple; a complacent adherence to establishment party politics. The other more sublime reason is that the Republicans have virtually disappeared from the political scene in hopes that Democrats would implode from scandals and incompetence. The fact that Republicans have not learned from the 2012 presidential election that voters care little about positive results (Barack Obama being the only president in history to win re-election with an economy in worse shape than when he was inaugurated) is a sign that they are not only unskilled in politics, but obtuse in the face of overwhelming evidence.
     What has hurt Republicans in addition to not having a positive agenda to proffer is their wet rag response to illegal immigration. Agreeing with Democrats that the "system is broken" instead of just needing strong political leadership to actually enforce its laws. They have ignored the will of the people, rejected the right thing to do, and turned away from a winning political strategy, all rolled up into the neat little package of illegal immigration and have actually sided with Democrats, against the will of the people to do the wrong thing and shoot themselves in the political foot.
     There have been other issues where the Republicans, through their political complacency, have not distinguished themselves from Democrats. And as fed up with Democrats as American voters may be, they are not going to jump on board to creating a Republican wave without sufficient reason to do so given by a strongly articulated alternative by Republicans. It is what Ronald Reagan referred to in his epic speech from 1964, A Time For Choosing, where he outlined a way forward for the Republican Party as one of "bold colors" not "pale pastels." Apparently, and unfortunately, today's Republican Party has chosen to emulate the latter in a time when the country needs leadership with the political courage to embody the former.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Where Is Bart Stupak And His Gang Of Fakes?

     Lost in all the hoopla about ISIS, Ray Rice, Barack Obama's golf game, the Benghazi hearings, etc., ad infinitum, was a report released this week by the Government Accountability Office that revealed through an extensive audit of ObamaCare that subsidy money was being spent on providing abortions to some policy holders. In fact, not just some, but up to 300,000 participants in the new health care debacle. This of course was not suppose to happen. More to the point it was promised by the administration that no tax payer subsidies would be used for abortions.
     I am looking for, but not expecting to see, former Congressman Bart Stupak come out publicly to express his anger and rage over this development. Remember Mr. Stupak and his gang of pro-life Democrats who refused to vote for the Affordable Care Act until they were placated by the administration with the promise that the moratorium on tax payer funded abortions, made law by the longstanding Hyde Amendment, would be kept intact by the new health care law?
     Well where is the Gang of Fakes? Or does their pro-life stance only have life when their political futures were threatened by their pro-life constituents whose votes they needed to gain re-election? The Obama administration's promise, written in disappearing ink, notwithstanding, Mr. Stupak and his band of on again off again pro-lifers have proven that their moral values will always take a back seat to party politics. And those party politics are forever, unlike their pro-life stance which is calculated only to propel them through the next election.
     But we should not be too hard on old Bart and his Gang of Fakes, after all, insincerity and moral weakness is a Democrat tradition, especially when it comes to the Affordable Care Act. Tin foil hat guy Dennis Kucinich vehemently opposed ObamaCare (because it was not socialist enough for his Leftist sensibilities) until the president gave him a ride on Air Force One. How easily Democrats are bought off their principles! I did not agree with former congressman Kucinich's position on socialized health care for America, but gee whiz, at least if you are going to have principles stand by them and do not leave them ravaged by the side of the road while you are having a one-on-one with the president in his big plane.
      Of course some astute political votarients may point out that Mr. Stupak was forced to retire from congress, many say because of his betrayal of his pro-life principles. But that does not preclude him from speaking out against this latest development, if he indeed believes abortion is wrong, and paying for it with tax payer dollars is almost as wrong. Whether current or former members of congress, the Stupak Gang of Fakes should be outraged that they were lied to by their own president on such a morally core issue. But alas, I see no outrage forthcoming from these Democrats who have moved forward and left the shattered pieces of their principles laying on the floor of the Oval Office, the eternal price they paid for the temporary nature of political expediency.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Secret War Of ISIS

     The phenomenal growth of ISIS, from a ragtag gang of not much more than street thugs, to an organized army with over 30,000 members that have gained control of over a third of Iraq proper, has been a spectacle to behold. The more spectacular aspect of the "radicalize or die" mentality that has overtaken much of the Middle East in the last 6 years is the ineptness and fecklessness of Barack Obama to properly deal with the threat when it was much more manageable, only a few short months ago.
     ISIS now has a huge portfolio of oil holdings in the Middle East, which not only supplies it with the cash necessary to rain down terror on anyone they label as an infidel, but the power to fight an economic war against the United States. The oil arm of ISIS has contracted with many European countries to sell them oil at $15 a barrel, far below the $90+ a barrel it has recently traded for on the open market.
     The collapsing of the oil market will have an economically devastating effect on the U.S. and its ability to defeat an enemy that grows not only in military might every day, but also in its influence throughout the financial markets. Mention of this unspoken war being waged by ISIS is nowhere to be found in the main stream media, but some in the investment community have begun to murmur about it.
     Some may say, "Good, we need cheaper oil." But this large of a precipitous fall in oil prices could have a ripple effect throughout financial markets that could rival the collapse of 2008. The costs of exploration, drilling, and extraction have continued to rise, and will not fall with the artificial discounting of the barrel price. The U.S. oil industry could be severely curtailed because the costs of production will be so much greater than the price for which they can sell their product. Thousands of jobs would be loss and many smaller drillers would be forced out of business, causing a collapse of the stock market.
     Of course the ability of ISIS to wage this economic war successfully against the United States is predicated upon their continued survival and growth. And that growth is dependent on the action, or inaction, of the United States government and its allies with regards to ISIS. If they are allowed to gain control of Iraq (the country with the fourth largest oil reserves in the world) through inaction or limited action by the Obama administration, we are in for a long and economically brutal campaign, matched only by their physical barbarism on and off the battlefield.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Sausage Of War

     General Sherman once said that "war is hell." And it is. No one wants to see the sausage being made, especially the sausage of war. During World War II the public only saw grainy newsreel footage of the war effort. And even as recently as the Vietnam War, correspondents sent back home accounts of the war accompanied by film footage shot by one of half a dozen news organizations. Today, with the modernity of technology available, not only can news organizations send images of war around the world instantaneously, but so can any citizen of any country that has a smart phone.
     These instant and ubiquitous images of the horrors of war are used by our enemies and enemies of our allies, to shape public opinion and cause a deliberate loss of political will to fight. The images are also used by enemies at home to transform a once stoic and fierce nation into a herd of docile and scared little sheep. These pacifists have used images of the innocent victims of war as a lever against the forces of good to vanquish the forces of evil because the emotional infantilism of a nation will not allow war containing death.
     Israel's recent war against the terrorist organization Hamas in Gaza is a perfect example of my stated thesis. Even though Israel, in the words of one British commander, has done more to protect innocent lives than any military in history, they were still stopped short by the "world community" of defeating a brutal and evil enemy. The fact that Israel had a kill ratio of one civilian to every terrorist killed when the average for every other country has been four civilians for every terrorist killed, means nothing to a "world community" that has grown flaccid in its response to the barbarianism of modern day evil on this planet.
    The limp-wristed response to the violent brutality of an ideology that seeks to impose oppression and tyranny not only on the Middle East, but the entire world, has come in part as a result of the promulgation of technology. A technology that not only brings the images of war into the living rooms of the average American, but into their very pockets on hand held mobile devices. The spectacle of beheadings, dead children, and innocent humans being shot as they lay in a row on the ground simply because they are not "of the one true religious faith," now follows its viewers through their daily lives and results in a weakness of the will to confront evil.
     This weakness of will to confront evil in the individual translates to a dereliction of duty to destroy it by honorable forms of government that claim to protect liberty and freedom. Some who occupy powerful positions in such governments even use the images of the sausage of war being made to further their own radical agendas that are based on infecting citizens with weakness for war, thereby mitigating their passion for personal liberty and making them more amenable to oppression.
     We must decide as a civilization whether the avoidance of the horrors of war in the present is such a desirable marker on the road to "a thousand years of darkness," or if we have the courage to "save this last best hope of man on earth" for future generations.