Saturday, March 28, 2015

The Legacy Of Harry Reid

     The announcement by Senate Minority Leader, Harry Reid, came as a pleasant surprise to those on the Right, and somewhat of a disappointment to those on the Left. The Minority Leader's rather macabre video announcement aside, Republicans should not get too excited and Democrats too downtrodden over a United States Senate sans Harry Reid. The Democrat Party has no shortage of yank-nuts who will slide easily into the position of Senate jester in place of Mr. Reid. The more intellectually honest among us will of course be hard pressed to find anything praise-worthy about the long and corrupt senate career of Harry Reid.
     Senator Reid's net worth of ten million dollars, as reported in 2013, begs the question how someone who has never had a real job outside of government could amass such a fortune. In fact, Senator Reid's digs in Washington while the Senate is in session is a $30,000 per month suite at the Ritz. For anyone who learned mathematics outside the current Common Core system, it is not hard to compare the rent on Mr. Reid's luxurious Washington abode to his $200k a year salary as Minority Leader and see the inconsistency therein. How far we have come from the early days of our government when congressmen often slept several to a rented room above the taverns of Washington.
     Being able to influence legislation to increase the value of land holdings, as Harry Reid has done in the past, is only the tip of the ice berg when it comes to his corruption and vile lack of values and convictions. Republican Senator Vedder recently illuminated Senator's Reid's flaccid convictions when the former made a speech on the senate floor in favor of eliminating birth rite U.S. citizenship for children of illegal aliens, i.e. anchor babies. When he finished his speech he revealed that every word he said was a speech that Mr. Reid had given in the 1990s.
     This week during an NPR interview with Senator Reid in which President Obama called in so the two could slobber all over each other, Harry Reid actually said that history will show the Obama/Reid years to be the most productive in American History. Beyond the laughable hubris of that statement is the inescapable truth that the United States Senate under the control of Harry Reid was the least productive in history. They failed to pass a budget for 6 straight years, even though they are constitutionally required to do so. Over three hundred bills were sent over from the House of Representatives, none of which were even brought to the senate floor for debate, let alone a vote.
     Far from showing the former Senate Leader as a workhorse for the American people, history will inevitably show him as an accomplice in making possible executive authority to circumvent the authority of the people's representatives in congress. And as Harry Reid rides off into the sunset he will leave in his wake a country that is less free and more in debt. He will be remembered as a clown with big floppy shoes and baggy pants. However, this clown's shoes and pants will be stuffed with taxpayers' money gained over a lifetime of suckling at the public teat.

Friday, March 27, 2015

The Ravages Of War

     The ravages of war have had their effect on this great country in the hundreds of thousands of families that have lost sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, and other family members. The ravages of war have separated families for long periods of time, fathers and mothers from young children, husbands from wives and wives from husbands. The ravages of war have reached their bloody knuckled hands into the lives of those who do their country's bidding even after they have left the theater of operations. My own family was touched by the ravages of war when my cousin, who served two tours of duty in Iraq, died from the remnants of battle after he returned home.
     The thousands of men and women who died to liberate Iraq, and provide the people there with that which all human beings deserve as a birthright, i.e. freedom and self governance, have had their herculean effort voided by the current Commander in Chief's inability to see any cause larger than himself. The troops under Barack Obama's command in Iraq and Afghanistan who have suffered more casualties than under the former Commander in Chief, have had to sit and watch as the current Commander in Chief has snatched defeat from the jaws of the American military's victory. The current occupant of the Oval Office has stood brazenly on top the graves of all those who died defending freedom and has spat his acrimony for his own country upon them.
     Yemen is in turmoil and being bombed by Saudi Arabia, without consultation of the United States which would have been a fait accompli prior to the Obama era. Libya is a haven for radical Islamist terrorist, a far worse place for its citizens and more dangerous one for the region than it was under the dictator Kaddafi. Iran has captured four Middle East capitals and have continued to fund and promote terrorist activities throughout the world, and now with the seeming blessing and support of the United States government under President Obama. And America's only real ally and friend in the region, Israel, has been abandon in her hour of need by her once staunch ally, the United States of America.
     The visible ravages of war, the death, the destruction, the displacement of the innocent, have in the past lead to more freedom and prosperity when allowed to carry through to their ultimate conclusion. But the ravages of our recent wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are beyond the normal horrors of necessary military intervention because the current Commander in Chief has seen it his duty to deny victory, to deny regional stability in the Middle East, to deny the superior American culture of personal Liberty, free markets, and a de-escalation of radical Islamist extremists.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Is The Republican Establishment Ready To Win With Ted?

     There has been a great amount of consternation on both the Left and the Right over Senator Ted Cruz's announcement that he is throwing his hat into the 2016 presidential ring. The fearful on the Left are worried that he may get the Republican nomination and beat the Democrat nominee culled from an especially weak field. Those on the Right who are like scared little rabbits having kept the GOP from providing the muscular opposition to President Obama that Mr. Cruz has never abandoned, are fretting that their apparent lock on Republican mediocrity is about to end.
     The perennial purveyor of all things RHINO, Peter King, met the announcement by Senator Cruz with invective and bloviating that was long on ignorance and short on substance. Mr. King called Mr. Cruz a loud mouth while at the same time exemplifying and illustrating that term through his own behavior. Others were not as rude and churlish as Congressman King, but were as every bit unsuccessful at mounting an intelligent argument against the first term Senator, instead opting to allow their disagreement with his politics to serve as their only contribution to the debate.
     The most ridiculous charge against Ted Cruz is that he is "unelectable." Unelectable is a meaningless term applied to candidates by those who are their same-side opponents. It is a term that is non-quantifiable and empty. No one is unelectable until such a time that they have not been elected by the voters. There is no litmus test for determining the electability of a candidate, because the one thing that is for sure about politics is that nothing is for sure.
     Some on the Right have said that Ted Cruz has no experience, that he is a first term senator and we see how electing a first term senator worked out in relation to our current president. As if being a first term senator was Barack Obama's overwhelming character flaw that has lead him to do the things he has done, and his radical ideology played no role. These same persons have also accused Ted Cruz of having no leadership skills. I would say capturing the attention and support of the rather sizeable wing of conservatives in the Republican Party shows all the leadership skills I would want in the next president.
     Let us not forget that Jeb Bush or any of the other moderate candidates have not been able to capture the support of conservatives, and without it, Republicans will once again lose the presidency. If Mr. Cruz can articulate conservatism, as I know he can, he will also win a good chunk of the Independent votes. This election is the perfect opportunity for Republicans to put a conservative in the White House because no matter who the Democrats find under the couch cushions of their failed policies, the American people will be ready for a positive change. I just hope the Republican establishment is as well.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Howard Schultz: Arrogant Racist

     Starbucks CEO, Howard Schultz, has begun a new program at his coffee shops that is the most blatant example of Leftist intellectual arrogance I have seen in a very long time. He has instructed his employees to write "Race Together" on cups of the chain's overpriced beverages in an effort to spark a "conversation" about race in America. This conversation is of course a sermon consisting of Mr. Schultz's Leftist views delivered to his customers by his mind-numbed baristas.
     The utter hubris of Mr. Schultz, and others on the Left, to think that not only is his political ideology somehow a moral imperative to be imparted on the ignorant masses in order to enlighten them, but that his employees actually believe as he does, shows an arrogance almost bordering on narcissism. The obtuse Mr. Schultz completely misses the obvious fact that to the extent that their is racial division in this country, it is the result of his own ideology that is shared by others on the Left like our current president and Attorney General.
     In his "rollout" of this new initiative CEO Schultz intimated that customers need to be inculcated with the knowledge that apparently he and the rest of the Leftist intelligentsia instinctively understand by virtue of their grand sense of fairness and obsessive devotion to equality. That knowledge is that there is racial inequality in this country, even though we have elected a black man president twice, the highest levels of the United States government are populated with blacks, and there are more blacks enjoying the middle-class lifestyle than at any time in this nations history.
     Mr. Schultz also talked about the person that may come into a Starbucks for a cup of coffee harboring subconscious racist feelings that the intrusive new policy may help to re-educate. In other words, Mr. Schultz just like the rest of the racist Left think that even if racism is unexpressed by whites, it exists nonetheless. This, in my opinion, is the worst kind of racism because it assumes certain ideas and opinions based purely on a person's skin color, i.e. white.
     Beyond the inherent racism and ideological snobbery of Starbucks' new program is the violation of personal boundaries between business and customer. I have never been what one would call a regular Starbucks customer, but now I will definitely not be even a casual one. The idea that along with an overpriced cup of coffee I must endure a lecture on race from one of Mr. Schultz's automatons, is a bridge too far and an incursion into my personal privacy. I hope Starbucks and Mr. Schultz suffer a rebuke of his ideologically driven new policy where it really maters, the bottom line. Maybe then he and other falsely perspicacious Leftist CEOs will learn to separate their politics from their business.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Clinton Inc. Vs. Obama Inc.

     Anyone who even pays a cursory attention to politics has heard about the Clinton machine. It is said by some to be so powerful and wide-spread that it will be able to impose Hillary Clinton on this nation as its next president. Even though this same machine was not able to accomplish the same task in 2008. But never mind say the purveyors of the Clinton power machine as some kind of political perpetual motion apparatus.
     It is true that the Clintons have not only been able to raise enormous amounts of cash to fund a presidential campaign, but up until recently they have had an almost exclusive lock on the highest echelons of the Democrat Party. But the Clintons' power, to the extent that it is still relevant, has been centered in the halls and vestibules of the national party, very 20th century. It is a model that has served them well for most of their careers, but the political model, at least for the Democrat Party, is changing.
     The new model of political power is embodied by the Obamas. Barack Obama has not only maintained a tight control over national Party politics, but he has developed a community organizing network that spans the country. He will leave office in January 2017 with billions of taxpayer dollars having funded an organizational behemoth that makes Bill and Hillary look like pikers. If Barack Obama wants a couple hundred protesters in Mt. Vernon, Ohio, he can have them virtually in a matter of minutes. with professionally made signage and advanced community organizing strategies.
     With most of the constituencies of the Democrat Party, the Obamas are the future and the Clintons are a distant political memory. The fact that Hillary Clinton is trying to gin up support for her 2016 presidential aspirations by invoking what she and many Democrats see as the glory days of the 1990s, is not going to play well in a Party that is becoming more dominated by the Obama radicals than the Clinton centrists. Even the Washington Democrat power structure has been molded by Barack Obama to suit his purposes. Through two disastrous mid-term elections which saw Democrats cede majorities in both Houses of congress to the hapless Republicans, Barack Obama has cleansed his Party of most moderates that might not be loyal to him and his agenda.
     Barack Obama has already said that he is going to stick around Washington after his term is up. He is not going sightseeing, but will be an active force in Democrat Party politics as well as public policy decisions of the next administration, whether it is Democrat or Republican. And with the national network of community organizations he has built, funded by billions of dollars from the stimulus, son of stimulus, green energy loans to bankrupt companies, etc., it will be a force with which to be reckoned for many decades to come.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Secular Utopians On The Left Paved The Way For Religious Utopians In Islam

     I have finally figured out the link between Leftism and radical Islam, it is the quest for Utopia. The former's quest is secular and the latter's is religious. It is also this quest for something that can never exist here on earth that has caused more death of innocent people and more destruction of the pursuit of opportunity than any one thing in human history. Because since Utopia can never exist among the flawed human race there will always be the need in such a system for an authoritarian power to enforce it, thereby destroying the very thing they are trying to achieve.
     People have asked, especially lately, how young girls and young boys who have grown up in Western culture can give it all up to join ISIS in their effort to establish a caliphate in the Middle East. It is easy, the caliphate is seen by many devout Muslims as a religious Utopia, and given that Multiculturalism has destroyed any sense of belonging in their own cultures, these young people want to be part of the promised Utopia of the radical Islamists.
     So one of the primary sacraments of Leftism, i.e. Multiculturalism, has enabled the rise and spread of radical Islam and their desire to institute the caliphate. By preaching that a Utopia exists only by means of a strong central power, and by severing any opportunity that that strong central power can be anything but the caliphate, the Leftist religion has unwittingly married itself to the goals of radical Islam. Young people, who by their very nature hunger for decisive direction, and not finding it in their own severely diluted cultures, are attracted to the extreme tenets of radical Islam.
     The young joining ISIS, just like the rest of the Muslims that do the same, are not joining to lop off the heads of infidels or burn them alive. They look at those activities as a necessary evil to cleansing the world of non-believers and those who are weak in their faith, so that the caliphate can unite the world under the banner of Islam. Very much the way in which the Left sees their agenda as uniting the world under the banner of the Leftist Utopia to which they are committed.
     Many have seen radical Islam as evil, but this characterization oversimplifies the complex issue of not only the extremists' radical ideology in Islam, but in the ethos of Leftism as well. The rise of the religious Utopians in Islam have had the path paved by the secular Utopians of the Left. Prior to the last half century most nations on earth had a strong national culture that kept their youths from feeling disenfranchised from their own countries. Today, the trouble is not with Islam as much as it is with any alternative culture being absent without leave.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Hillary Confirms Private Email Server Was Preemptive Coverup

     Yesterday the world heard from the horses mouth, in this case Hillary Clinton, about a brewing scandal regarding her exclusive use of a private email server while she was Secretary of State. In a nutshell Mrs. Clinton tried to convince anyone who would listen that her use of a private email server was not unique, although no one else in government has ever done it. She said the server was secure because Secret Service agents guarded it at her property, showing she does not understand how computer hacking works. And she said that the public can trust her when she said she culled through the emails on her server and turned over to the State Department any emails that were not personal in nature.
     The last point in particular is illustrative of the Clinton hubris that has imposed itself upon this nation for the last four decades. In my opinion once Mrs. Clinton decided to conduct all of her communications through her own email server, whether personal or in the execution of her job as Secretary of State, she gave up the right to call her private server private. It should have been considered, for all intents and purposes, part of the government network. After all this was not some low level government employee that sent a couple of government emails from his personal email, this is the chief diplomat of the United States sending all her emails from outside the government's protected network.
     Mrs. Clinton's reasoning that it was for convenience sake because she did not want to carry two devices, either betrays her as a liar or an incompetent. It is hard to believe if that was the issue, the same IT guys that setup her email server would not have told the Secretary that it was possible to have multiple email accounts on a single mobile device, thus eliminating the trouble of setting up the server in her home.
     Mrs. Clinton further fed the laugh machine by stating categorically that her server security was never breached. There is no way she could have known this since most hackers, especially those hacking for the purpose of gaining sensitive information, will not announce that the hack has occurred. And as a cabinet-level member of the government, we can almost be assured that Mrs. Clinton's email server guarded by those Secret Service guys, was indeed hacked.
     It is obvious to anyone who has followed the unethical and sordid career of Hillary Clinton that she setup her own email server in her house when she became Secretary of State as a means of preemptive cover-up. She knew that any correspondence of corruption and memos of malice on her private server would be outside the grasp of the Freedom of Information Act. Furthermore, she knew she would have absolute control over that server to release only the information she wanted released. And it is that blatant entitlement to occupy the space above the law that is the real reason this scandal should disqualify her from any position in government, especially President of the United States.