Friday, August 1, 2014

The Left Refuses To Press Charges After Being Mugged By Reality

     To say that the Left is obtuse about the utter failure of their ideology is an understatement, in fact they are daily mugged by reality and yet refuse to press charges. From the anti-prosperity of their economic policy to the pro-chaos of their foreign policy, the Left has proven throughout recent history that bad ideas reside in the very ether of their thoughts. This truth has been evident for some time, but has never had a more spectacular poster-child than the current occupant of the White House, Barack Obama.
     President Obama has been mugged by the reality of economic policy that has produced the lowest percentage of the population participating in the work force in almost half a century, but refuses to  veer from the rocky path of his policy. He has been mugged by an ever more aggressive Vladimir Putin, but refuses to show the spine necessary for an American leader to counter the growing threat. President Obama has been mugged by the reality of ISIS in Iraq and Syria moving ever more closer to confiscating those lands to be used as a launching pad for world-wide terrorism, but he blindly continues his policy that has given birth to the resurgence of such terrorist groups.
    President Obama has been mugged by the reality of the terror organization Hamas continually attacking its neighbor Israel, whose destruction Hamas has said is their ultimate goal, and yet Mr. Obama joins the anti-Semite chorus lead by the United Nations in condemning Israel. The president has been mugged by the reality of a Southern U.S. border that is so porous it has allowed almost half a million illegal aliens to breach it in just the last 6 months, yet he refuses to enforce immigration law, or even allow border states to do so on their own.
     In a speech this week in Kansas City, President Obama engaged in hate speech while simultaneously accusing Republicans in congress of being hateful and angry. He was incredulous that there are those who could disagree with his failed policy up to this point in his term, and he can not understand why they do not acquiesce to his current round of destructive policies. I fail to understand why anyone in congress would want to board the train of failure that exemplifies this administration. A pathetically weak economy at home and a Middle East and Eastern Europe that is burning in large part to this president's policies and ineptness, should be evidentiary of the need for a mass exodus from this disaster, even by those in the president's own party.
     With all this mugging by reality, one would think that those on the Left would abandon failure and search for a more successful path. The reason they do not is simple, the Left does not define success with prosperity, peace, and security. Their definition of success is how many federal programs can be created with the expressed purpose of, not helping anyone or solving problems, but to suck up hard earned taxpayer dollars like some giant, money-sucking vacuum. Yes, President Obama and the rest of the Left have been mugged by reality, but far from pressing charges they choose to bring the mugger home so he can ply his trade on the rest of the family.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Self-Delusion Of The Left

     A friend of mine has recently made me aware of a situation that exemplifies the unwillingness, lack of desire, and inability of the Left to solve problems, even in their own communities. Instead they opt for symbolism over substance and deliberate misdirection of community energies toward feel-good events instead of the hard work of solving real problems. This attitude is present in the national politics of the Left as well as in local groups, and it is why, with the dominance of the Left in our culture, problems go unsolved, while those who put their faith in such non-remedies feel as though they are really helping their communities.
     My friend owns rental property in the Cleveland inner-city and has always tried to continually improve his properties as well as the communities in which his properties exist. He recently joined a community group whose purpose was to address problems in the neighborhood like crime, dilapidated properties and general urban blight in their area. The group is comprised of all Leftists except for my friend.
     My friend's neighborhood group has sponsored events having to do with art and culture, and  attended by them and their friends. Basically this community group has paid for their own entertainment using public funds earmarked for "community improvement." When my friend suggests solutions to real problems being experienced in the neighborhood, they look at him like he is from outer space. I guess the hard work of solving societal problems is too much for them, and they would rather delude themselves that they are making a difference by sponsoring and attending "art walks," "parties in the park," and wine-swilling soirees.
     My friend's neighborhood group is exemplary of the Lefts practice of addressing real problems by diverting taxpayer money to their own private ego-builders. Programs and events that make the participants feel as though they are making a difference in people's lives, without actually having to do the hard work of making a difference. It is this lack of desire to do the sometimes uncomfortable work of real community improvement that has lead to the two most helped groups by Leftist policy over the last fifty years, Native Americans and blacks, to be the most impoverished groups in our society.
     The individuals in my friend's neighborhood group are illustrative of the Leftist ethos that lives in denial and self-congratulatory ardor for ideas that range from solving urban blight by planting "community gardens" to solving crime by sponsoring "midnight basketball." It is all designed to make the Leftists feel good about being "involved" without ever having to go into the belly of the root causes of their communities problems. It is this arms length approach to community improvement that keeps the community from actually improving, while allowing the Leftist to continue their delusions of being "part of the solution."

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Self-Marginalized Right

     It is fairly common knowledge, or at least it should be 6 years into Barack Obama's term as president, that he has for most of his adult life been a disciple of the gangster/community organizer Saul Alinsky. Furthermore, it should not be a surprise to anyone that has had their ear to the rail of politics in this country for at least part of the last few years, to understand that marginalizing your political opposition is the cornerstone of the modern day edifice of community organizing built upon the unholy foundation of Alinsky's Rules For Radicals.
    Barack Obama has been very successful implementing the marginalization tactic that Mr. Alinsky learned at the knee of Al Capone, and has added to it a racial component that has increased its abilities with a population that has been weaned on white guilt and black victim hood for the better part of the last 40 years. But Mr. Obama has had the added benefit over Mr. Alinsky in so much as he has had a portion of his opposition engage in self-marginalization.
    You may have run across these persons on social media and elsewhere, the ones that swear the practice of local police departments buying armored vehicles is not a function of facing more well-equipped criminals, but a prelude to the Obama administration imposing marshal law on the citizens. Additionally, there are the bullet paranoids, who have marginalized themselves by turning an industry shortage of bullets in some parts of the country into a conspiracy on the part of the Obama administration to keep citizens with guns unable to purchase ammo for those guns.
     This has existed practically ever since there has been people upon the earth. I call it the Delusion of the Irrelevant. Those who feel they have no control over the aspects of their lives they do not like, must then impute blame for those aspects to some sinister force, usually government or rich people. It is the process of transforming themselves from irrelevant to relevant, which takes the form of superiority over those ignorant masses that do not know or do not agree with their paranoid, conspiratorial conclusions.
     Another form of self-marginalization that has recently become popular is the insistent impeachment syndrome. These are persons on the Right, like Sarah Palin, who have as much chance of impeaching this president as the proverbial snowball rolling through hell has of remaining intact, and yet they continue to marginalize themselves and harm their political cause. Mr. Obama is indeed fortunate to have such foolhardy political opponents.
     If the political Right in this country is ever going to have a prayer of wrestling the reigns of power away from the destructive Left, we must stop marginalizing ourselves with our support for conspiracy theories and bad political strategies that are bound to fail. We have better ideas, ideas that have a proven track record of being successful. We must concentrate our political energies on articulating those ideas and winning over converts to the cause of liberty, free markets, and common sense.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

George Will's Support For The Obama Wealth Redistribution Program

     The de facto scribe for the Washington establishment, George Will, stated over the weekend that we should distribute the "children" currently breaching our Southern border throughout the country, placing 20 in each county. Beyond Mr. Will's naiveté in believing that most of these children are "eight year old criminals with Teddy bears," is the fact that his numbers do not add up. Maybe demographic arithmetic is not a subject in George's wheelhouse, we already can surmise from his Teddy bear statement that being intellectually tethered to reality certainly is not.
     Primary to the ridiculousness of Mr. Will's comments on the current illegal alien invasion on the Southern border of the United States of America, is the fact that less than twenty percent of those that have breached our borders since this past April have been children. Unless of course you classify children as being anyone up to and including the age of twenty six, as the administration has done through the Affordable Care Act. The percentage of actual illegal alien children being dumped at the border as a direct result of Obama policy, is miniscule compared to the number of adults making the trek.
     Of the actual children, defined as those persons under the age of 18, more than three quarters are teenagers, according to the border patrol. These teenagers are capable of violent crimes as a function of their common matriculation into gangs like MS-13. And contrary to what George Will would have us believe, gang members do not carry Teddy bears. But they do carry disease, mental illness, and a predilection to engage in violent crime.
      George Will's statement, either deliberately or by design, misses the fact that the twenty "children" every county would be compelled by the force of law to welcome with open arms, and open checkbooks, will grow into hundreds or even thousands twenty years hence. The increase will be insured not only through others pouring over our open borders, but by those already here having children, all of which the taxpayers must support.
     Mr. Will made the point that we can surely absorb these poor, innocent, Teddy bear carrying "children" into our national family. That may well be true. But the issue that is missed by those who have been distracted by the phony refugee status of these "children," is the fact that a country without strictly enforced borders can hardly expect to maintain its sovereignty. Those on the Left, and those like George Will who swerve into it from time to time, are adamant about the United States butting out of other nations' affairs, except of course when it comes to receiving with open arms their citizens who have crashed our borders illegally in order to participate in the Obama Wealth Redistribution Program. And those on the Right like Mr. Will have unwittingly become supporters of this program, not out of compassion, but because the Republican establishment has bought into the myth that support for open borders will lead them to electoral victory.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

A Prescription For Lasting Peace

     There is nothing new that I can say in analysis of the Israeli/Hamas conflict currently reaching a violent crescendo in the Middle East, and the corollary ignorance on the Left in the main stream media, the Obama administration, and elsewhere. If ever there was an opportunity for moral clarity and a vigorous certitude of good and evil to be understood by anyone with even a modicum of decency, it is the violence perpetrated by Hamas against the Jews for the expressed purpose of killing as many as possible, and the defensive response by the nation of Israel which is committed to peace.
     And where is the official United States government response on the continuum of decency and morality to the conflict? Well it is just barely above that of the soulless, feckless, and anti-Semitic United Nations. Those committed to the soulless religion of Leftism like Barack Obama and his bumbling clown-like Secretary of State John Kerry believe that true peace comes, not at the tip of the victor's sword, but from the tip of their own duplicitous and snake-like tongues. The former proposition is born out by many millennia of history, the latter has been proven by that same history to end in abject failure.
     The reason that a cease fire strategy is bound for the ash heap of history's greatest failures is that it solves nothing. Hamas will still be unyielding in their commitment to their charter which calls for the destruction of Israel, and Israel will be committed to its survival and the ultimate peace of the region. There is no compromise that can be had between such diametrically opposed goals. But the hubris of the Left to believe in the power of their words to magically reconcile good and evil without the former defeating the latter militarily, is not only foolhardy, but a threat to the lasting peace that such a battle would produce.
     The reasons to believe in the goodness of Israel and the evilness of Hamas has its roots in the last seventy years of history. From the time that Israel occupied statehood in the modern era beginning in 1948, their persecutors have refused to allow them to live in peace. The million Palestinian refugees that the Left blames on the Jews were created when Arab armies invaded Israel and forced those refugees out. Since then it has been Israel that has made concessions to peace, like in 2005 when they forcibly removed their own people from the Gaza Strip, leaving it completely free of Jews. Yet to this day, Hamas claims that Israel "occupies" the Gaza Strip.
     What is my solution to the conflict? The world should support Israel in their attempt to remove the thorn that is Hamas, not only from their own paw, but for the benefit of all mankind. And why should the world side with Israel? Because it is the right thing to do, and is the function of morality and decency. Two things which are glaringly foreign to the ethos of Leftism. 

Friday, July 25, 2014

The Communist Plot Of Single Motherhood

     There are few things that have contributed to the downfall of our culture, and the meteoric growth in the size of government, than the explosion of out-of-wedlock births over the last half century. Back then, before the War On PovertyThe Great Society, and even government run health care, out-of-wedlock births clocked in under ten percent of all births in the general population, and barely occupied a place in the teens for inner city blacks. Today, the general out-of-wedlock birth rate is 43 percent and a whopping 72 percent for inner city blacks.
     While demographers and social "scientists" pontificate on the causes for the lack of children being born to two parent traditional homes (the most optimum method for insuring responsible contributing members of society) those who have created this seismic shift in our culture are rubbing their hands together with glee. It has been no accident that the rise in out-of-wedlock births has been accompanied by an expansion in government.
     The modus operandi of the Left over the last fifty years, through entertainment, media, and education has been to place the desires of adults over the needs of their children. Hence the no fault divorce laws, the redefinition of marriage away from its prime directive to raise responsible children to just a union between any two persons who love each other, and the outright veneration of single motherhood. The feminization of the American male and the enervation of fatherhood has been in fulfillment of the communist manifesto that centered around destroying the family to increase dependence on an all-powerful centralized government.
     The Left has released all restraints on government in order to place them on individuals for the expressed purpose of unmaking the founding of this great nation. And the deliberate and methodical destruction of the traditional family has been the centerpiece of that unmaking. A corollary to the destruction of the family is that of the communities in which they use to reside. When one belongs to a strong traditional family, one is less likely to engage in anti-social behavior for fear that that family will be ostracized from the community. It is this sense of community, and the individual family's role in that community, along with the role of religious organizations, that were the threads which wove the moral fabric of our nation.
     The communists knew three quarters of a century ago that if America's strong families could be compromised, America as a beacon of freedom to the world could be destroyed. Arguably there would not have been a President Obama if there were not an over-abundance of single mothers to vote for his big government policies. The proliferation of big government programs walks hand-in-hand with the scarcity of liberty. It is a cycle that begins with the redefinition of family and ends with the redefinition of freedom. A cycle that sadly is in its final stages in a country that was built upon, and owes its successes to, the culture of the traditional family. 

Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Top Five Stupid Things Leftists Believe

     Following is a collection of five "truths" that Leftists hold near and dear to their political hearts. This is by no means meant to be a complete list, just the ideological claptrap of the Left that I believe is the most damning to the culture of liberty. They are born of inconsistencies of logic and blatant ignorance of historical facts and economic data.
     1) There shall be no limit on government to compel business to provide salary and benefits to their employees. Ask any Leftist if government should be empowered to limit the benefits and salary that private enterprises give their employees, and they would say no. However, those same Leftists have no problem empowering government to compel private enterprises to provide ever more generous benefits to those in their employ. Hence the minimum wage, health care, family leave, etc.
     2) Poverty creates wealth. Leftists talk about taxing the wealthy to make things more "fair," as if the wealthy became so by stealing from the poor. This bit of nonsense assumes that the impoverished in this country and throughout the world had wealth at one time, and that nefarious rich people swindled them out of it. Part and parcel to this belief is the idea that the process of government confiscating wealth from those who have it and filtering it through bureaucracy, will magically make the poor wealthier. This belief ignores the simple but prescient statement by Abraham Lincoln that "a man can not build his own house by tearing down his neighbors."
     3) Upon entering into a business venture, a person not only loses his Constitutional rights, but his humanity as well. This argument is buttressed by the Lefts statement that corporations are not people. Which completely dehumanizes those who constitute a business, while at the same time forbidding them from participating in the principles of liberty outlined in this country's founding documents. Hence, according to the Left, businesses are allowed to make public pronouncements when advertising their products, but should be forbidden from such statements that posses the very political views that our constitution protects.
     4) Government is the mother of invention, not necessity. This belief is the impetus behind the corrupt practice on the Left, made into an art form by Barack Obama, of using taxpayer money to fund "green" energy companies that are operated by political donors of the president. This practice ignores the history of invention which almost entirely sprouted from the private sector of the American free market economy. It is also one of the ways in which the Left confiscates money from private hands, ostensibly for the "greater good."
     5) Minority status automatically imputes a moral superiority. This belief of Leftists can be seen in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, where those on the Left support the much more militarily weak, and smaller population of the Hamas-lead Palestinians over the much stronger and more firmly planted on moral high ground Israelis. But this belief is also played out on a daily basis in the United States with the Lefts assumption that the "little guy" occupies the moral high ground by virtue of being smaller and weaker. This morally inverted theory applies to labor vs. management, poor vs. rich, and the infirmed vs. the healthy.
     As previously stated, these five beliefs of the Left are not meant to encompass the whole of polluted thinking by those who subscribe to the very flawed ideology that currently has its bony, twisted fingers around the throat of liberty upon which this country was founded. But they do, I believe, illuminate for the reader the basic misconception that colors the world view of those who blindly follow the destructive force of the Leftist ethos.