Saturday, August 4, 2012

Obama's Success is Our Failure

     Shortly after President Obama was inaugurated, Rush Limbaugh said, "I hope he fails." He took quite alot of heat for that statement, but he knew that the way in which Barrack Obama wanted to transform the country meant less wealth and more economic hardship for everyone. And now with almost 6 trillion dollars added to the national debt in just under four years, an unemployment rate that has stayed above eight percent for more months than at any other time in our history, with GDP growth well under two percent when the post-WWII average is 3.2 percent and with 3 million fewer people working than when the President took office, President Obama says his plan has worked. This unbelievable statement was recently uttered by the President on the heels of his comments in Roanoke, Virginia in which he made his now famous statement that entrepreneurs didn't build their own businesses.
     But I'd like to focus on the President's recent statement that his plan has worked. I think when one looks at the economic data and the malaise that has resulted from it, the only logical conclusion is that this is what the President thinks of as success. And therein lies the worst policy that President Obama has saddled this nation with, the policy of hopelessness. Because, if Barrack Obama and his defenders are saying that the current economic state is the best we can achieve, that is in deed a very dark picture for the future.
     This past week was the hundredth anniversary of the Milton Friedman's birth. Milton Friedman was one of the most brilliant economic minds of recent history. Mr. Friedman once asked the rhetorical question, "Is it somehow more honorable to work in one's political self-interest as opposed to one's economic self-interest?" This statement is supported by thousands of years of history. Simply stated, the bigger a government grows the more impoverished a nation becomes. There are no examples in history where this is not the case. It wasn't the government which made the United States a great nation that was able to advance the human condition more than any other in history, it was individual liberty that allowed people to work in their own economic self-interest which created opportunity for other people. It is individual freedom which allows for advancements in medicine, technology and industry to thrive. I have outlined above the harvest we have reaped as a result of President Obama and others working in their own political self-interest. Which do you prefer?
     We are now three months away from the most important election in any of our lifetimes. This election is a choice between a big government top down approach where bureaucrats dole out entitlements to an ever dependant population or a limited government approach where the free market can bring the most prosperity to the greatest number of people. We have seen what comes from President Obama's success, I hope the majority of my countrymen will hand him the failure that Rush Limbaugh talked about almost four years ago.

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