Sunday, December 21, 2014

What Would A Jeb Bush Candidacy Mean?

     Sometimes I really do not know why I bother to comment on the events of American modernity. Every day it seems as though the porthole of liberty becomes more and more encrusted with the limiting mineral deposits of Leftism. I expect Democrats and the rest of those on the Left to support, condone, and impose public policy that limits the individual while bestowing more authority to government. The sickness of an unlimited central government is exactly why the Founders of this great nation created the antibody to this virus called the U.S. Constitution.
     In recent years it appears that the Leftist virus of big government has become part and parcel to the modus operandi of the Republican Party. Jeb Bush, in announcing his candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination for 2016 (in essence that is what empaneling an "Exploratory Committee" means), has proffered the strategy of running without actively pursuing the base of the Republican Party. In other words, Jeb Bush is going to run a campaign that ignores the concerns of the Tea Party and other conservatives in the Party, instead focusing on "moderates" and "independents."
     For a preview of how successful his campaign strategy may be, Jeb Bush only needs to study the 2012 presidential campaign of Mitt Romney. Governor Romney ran a campaign, directed by the Republican Party establishment, aimed at moderates and independents. He won big among that group over Barack Obama and still lost the election. Heaping even more evidence on the pile of proof that Republican consultants are living in an electoral politics bubble that is at least a decade behind the times.
     It is a bubble created by Democrats and voluntarily entered into by the Republican establishment and other Party moderates that says moderates, Hispanics, and independents (as if there are any) must be promised and cajoled into voting for the GOP, at the expense of the "radical" right wing of the Party. And what is it that the "radical" faction of the Republican Party like the Tea Party and others want from their representatives? Smaller government, minimal government spending, and a strict adherence to the Constitution.
     Not only have moderate Republicans become accomplices to the illegal acts of the Obama administration by rewarding unconstitutional behavior with funding for it through September of 2015, but they have also acquiesced to the Affordable Care Act. No one in the Republican Party, except for fringies like Ted Cruz and others, speak anymore about repealing ObamaCare. No, the moderate refrain is change the law to make it better. The moderates miss the point that it is unconstitutional for the federal government to wrap its rather muscular regulatory fingers around the throats of the health care industry and the American people.
     I have no doubt that the Republican establishment and its wealthy donors will ensure that Jeb Bush is the 2016 Republican presidential nominee. He will probably lose, but even if he is victorious, the cause of conservatism and constitutional government will be dealt another debilitating blow. And the American people will move ever closer to severely diluted citizenship as a result of open borders and amnesty, federal control of a larger chunk of not only health care but an ever increasing percentage of our free society, and the making irrelevant of the greatest document of freedom in the history of man.

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