Saturday, January 24, 2015

Why Reagan Was Great, And Obama Is Not

     This week marked the second to last State of the Union speech by Barack Obama that the nation must suffer through and endure as the clock of mercy slowly ticks out his time in office. The State of the Union address has become just one in a long list of this great country's traditions that Barack Obama has de-elevated from the heights of the republic's decency to the depths of sleazy showmanship.
     The actual show in the House chamber that is perpetrated on the traditions and values of our great constitutional republic by this president is bad enough, but the pre-game and post-game shows that are imposed upon an innocent and once free people are the height of the tyranny of impropriety. And through all three stages, pre-game, game, and post-game, President Obama shows a complete lack of presidential decorum and grace exhibited by most of his predecessors, and required by the stature of the office of President of the United States of America.
     The presidency of the United States as drawn by the Framers of the constitution is an annoyance to this president, not an honor. I wish those who voted for this malcontent community agitator would have known that they were not voting for a president but for a churlish defender of infantilism. Barack Obama does not speak the language of America, but the language grievance against America. He does not seek common ground with his political opposition, or even the majority of Americans, but rather the ground of Leftism that has been so thoroughly salted with the failed ideas of Stalin, Mau, Castro, et al, that even the weeds of Liberty can not take root, let alone its flower of prosperity.
     I heard this week the clanking rhetoric of Barack Obama, and juxtaposed against it, I also heard segments of Ronald Reagan's State of the Union from the same point in his presidency that President Obama is in currently. The difference is the stark contrast between a man who was deferential to congress and one who is derisive of that body. It is the difference between a man who spoke of the three words that make the United States Constitution exceptional over any other, i.e. "We the people." President Reagan affably and aptly explained in just a few words that those three words meant that the American people get to tell their government what it can do and can not do, not as Barack Obama believes, the other way around.
     Where Ronald Reagan had humility, Barack Obama has hubris. Where Ronald Reagan had the largess of magnanimity, Barack Obama possesses the pettiness of arrogance. Where Ronald Reagan felt a love of his country so great that he wanted to preserve it, Barack Obama loves his own greatness above all else, even the very founding of the country he now "leads." Barack Obama never wanted to be president, he wanted the presidency to be his. Ronald Reagan understood that the office is greater than the man who contemporaneously holds it.

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