Monday, October 5, 2015

The Lefts Inconsistency in Blaming Inanimate Objects for Tragedy

     As per usual with a tragic situation, the bodies of the dead in Oregon had hardly reached room temperature and the screams of the terrorized injured had barely subsided before President Obama, et al latched onto the tragedy in an attempt to push a political agenda. The president made outrageous statements about the shootings in Oregon, just as he has done with every other shooting that has happened during his misguided presidency, which would lead one to believe that there was not a shooter at all. The president's characterization of the dead and injured was that they became that way as a result of the firearm used, not the human agency involved in the act.
     It is a fascination that reaches beyond the scope of reason how the Left in this country seamlessly takes the position that an inanimate object can do so much damage, seemingly without much involvement from the evil intent of a human being. No other object but a firearm receives this kind of desperately illogical analysis by the Left. If someone plays a musical instrument poorly, it is not the instrument which is blamed for the bad music. If a person paints a uninspiring picture, the Left does not blame the paints or the canvass. And a house or building that is shabbily built is not, in the opinion of those on the Left, the fault of the tools used.
     In every aforementioned case, as well as others, the blame for undesirable results is always blamed, as it should be, on the human agency involved. But somehow the gun, to the mind of those on the Left like our president, becomes like the magic flute in that children's fairytale. To those on the Left, firearms of every stripe have the ability to become animated on their own. Not only that, but they somehow have the influence and power over human beings to cause them to do evil. In the world of the Left, there is not human agency when it comes to firearms.
     If we were to carry the Lefts belief about guns to other areas, we would blame the computer for identity theft, the camera for child pornography, and slim jims for car break-ins. Unfortunately the Left is not an ideology of common sense. If it were, those on the Left would not become so exercised over these shootings, not because they are not tragic, but because the overall trend over the last 25 years has been a mitigation of gun violence, not an augmentation of it. In fact, as the nation has added almost 100 million guns in the last 25 years, gun violence has been cut in half, according to data from the Justice Department.
     The statistics also show, and the Left never acknowledges, that two thirds of all homicides committed with a firearm are suicides. I guess I will never understand the Left, who somehow have more compassion for nine lives in Oregon taken by a mentally ill evil man, than they do for the three thousand lives taken in the same day through this country's legal infanticide. Not only does the Left support the taking of those innocent lives, but the harvesting and selling of their body parts for profit. But then, it is not those Mengele-like doctors at Planned Parenthood who are to blame, but the medical instruments they use.

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