Thursday, April 21, 2016

Our Age of Un-enlightenment

     As I watch in general the world, and specifically our nation, from the narrow window that is every individual's point of perspective, I have come to the conclusion that we have regressed. This regression has been, in recent years, an accelerated descent into an age of un-enlightenment. It seems as though the more technologically advanced we have become, the more unenlightened we have also become. I am not suggesting that technology is a causation of the condition of un-enlightenment, only a corollary. The real cause is a much more nefarious infection called Leftism.
     Intimated and inspired by the Left is the radical environmental movement, where its devotees have elevated the earth and its nature contain therein to the level of God, deserving of worship and praise. The individuals who have sanctified the climate through sacrifice of reason, are a throwback to other unenlightened periods in world history. As the simple peasants of unenlightened times imparted certain religious and mystical powers to the earth's accouterments, so do the modern day climate change zealots impart their own misplaced religious devotion to the object of their faith.
     Additionally inspired by the Left is their unenlightened sacrament of erasing the distinctions, placed their by nature, between males and females of the species. This is so egregiously backward as to have no equal in world history. For even the most simple-minded and irrational peoples of the past recognized the undeniable separation between the male and female sexes. The most recent violation of natural logic on this subject is the Lefts insistence that restrooms, previously assigned on the basis of one's genitals (not their feelings), be converted to symbols of Leftist intolerance for nature's truth. And as in every foray into un-enlightenment that the Left has pulled our nation into, the obliteration of the female and male sexes is a tyranny imposed on the vast majority of society by a vocal and miniscule minority.
     The current campaigns to win the presidency this Fall is glaringly exemplary of how far down the rabbit hole of un-enlightenment we have traveled. The front-runners on both sides of the political aisle are the quintessential examples of un-enlightenment. Both have character flaws one could drive a truck through, and ethics and morals that one would be hard pressed to find with an electron microscope. Added to these serious foibles is neither one's ability or willingness to step outside the vacuous shadows of their vapid rhetoric. Proof of the un-enlightenment is not so much in these individuals, but in the fact that a substantial number of people support them. Once again the Lefts emotionalism over intellect has even infiltrated the Right.
     Yes my friends, we have entered an age of un-enlightenment that could last quite a while. As communication has become easier, we meaningfully communicate less. As information becomes more ubiquitous, the truth becomes more scarce. As more of our population graduates college, our national intelligence quotient has collapsed. As our ability to do good has been made more possible through our prosperity, it seems we have chosen to feel good instead. And as quickly as we entered a new period in world history that should have lead to paradise, we have just as quickly set it ablaze with moral abandonment and selfishness ushered in by the Leftist ideology of the last fifty years.


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