Tuesday, November 20, 2012

What Really Motivates Democrats?

     While I was driving to work yesterday morning, I was listening to my favorite moderate on the radio, Bill Bennett. I like Bill, but he suffers the same affliction as every Republican who converted from the Democrat party, they never quite take the final vows. The only former Democrat, I can think of, who avoided this condition is Ronald Reagan. The incomplete conversion consists of the annoying habit of accepting the premise of the left on a certain topic, even if it is incorrect. Man-made global warming is the most obvious example of this in the modern era.
     This morning, Mr. Bennett proffered the question to his listeners as to whether or not they would agree to a Fiscal Cliff deal that would have meaningful budget cuts, but would also raise the tax rates on anyone earning over a million dollars. His point was that if you allow the Democrats to inflict a little pain on the rich, they would be satisfied and go away. But what he fails to understand is that the beast will need to feed again, and it will feed on progressively lower wage earners until it arrives at the middle-class. Not only that, but the higher rate is not going to hurt rich people, only their ability to provide the jobs needed for those who aren't rich to become more wealthy. Mr. Bennett also assumes that the Democrats aim is to hurt the rich in some classic David and Goliath struggle, where the giant represents the rich and Democrats are David, slewing the giant for the sake of the people. I have news for Bill Bennett and anyone else who entertains the same theory, the Democrats aim is not to hurt the rich, but make it harder for the middle-class to support themselves, therefore becoming dependent on an ever-expanding Federal government.
     The Democrats know that the fastest way to create jobs is to make it easier on job-creators, and inversely, the best way to kill job growth is to take money away from the private sector. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that the less money government takes out of the hands of the rich, the more they can invest in business, which spurs economic activity and thus creates jobs. Most Democrats understand this concept, it's not some well guarded government secret. What they also understand is the more people move from poverty to wealth, the less need there is for Democrats and their big government programs. And this creates an environment where it is harder to justify higher taxes and subsequently mitigates the power and control over the governed that Democrats crave with every fiber of their being. 
     Republicans, like Bill Bennett, make the mistake of assuming that Democrats share with Republicans the motivation to do what is best for the country. Democrats are motivated by statist ideals and holding onto as much control over as many people as possible. We as Republicans ignore this fact at our own electoral peril, and more importantly, at the peril of a free nation.

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  1. That's just simple thinking, Damon. The so-called "job creators" you seem to worship will not feel any pain at having to pay slightly more in taxes, and they do not need more money to create jobs. What they need is more middle and lower class consumers buying their products and services to create the demand that would enable them to expand, hiring more employees, so they can make more PROFITS for themselves! I am so tired of you folks on the right acting like workers should bow and grovel to our employers for giving us jobs! Without workers the "job creators" are nowhere! Wealth does not exist outside of society. Its a two-way street, pal, and we won't allow the GOP to give tax break "presents" to their wealthy pals that are paid for by the middle and working class workers. But keep trotting out the old canard about democrats wanting more people to be dependent on government, or go on about how Obama "hates America" or "needs a teleprompter"...its just juvenile and makes you seem petty. How about acknowledging that the overwhelming majority of Americans, left or right, just want to make a decent living through a secure job so they can provide for their families and pursue happiness? Its not the ultimate goal that is different, but merely the ideology behind how best to get there. Stop vilifying the opposition, we are not evil or stupid, just different. Your efforts to stir resentment are simply counterproductive.

    1. Buffalo, Thwe job creators I'm talking about are the million small businesses for which over 50% of Americans work, And they will be hurt by an increase in the tax rate because they file as sub-chapter S corps, which means they file as individauls. With less money they will have to laty off workers in addition to the ones they will have to lay off as a result of the additional demands of Obamacare. And if you can name me one Democrat or Liberal policy that doesn't promote more dependency, then I will stop saying Democrats want more people to be dependent on government.