Saturday, June 2, 2012

Be Careful What You Wish For Mr. President

     I was not a fan of Mitt Romney during the Republican primary season, partially because it was obvious that the Obama campaign wanted to run against Romney. They created and nurtured the Occupy movement for that expressed purpose. All the anti-Wall Street and class-warfare rhetoric was specifically designed to battle Mitt Romney.
     But I must say that in the last couple of weeks I have been pleasantly surprised by Mitt Romney's performance. He and his wife Ann, in large part, neutralized the administration's attempt to convince people that the Republicans were waging a war on women. He masterfully responded to the Obama campaign's mis-characterizations of his time at Bain Capital. His response was so effective that even Democrats such as Duval Patrick, Ed Rendell, Corey Booker and former president Bill Clinton joined the defense of Bain specifically and private equity in general. When the left demanded that Mitt Romney denounce Donald Trump because of his views on the President's birth certificate, he stood his ground while saying he disagreed with The Donald's birth certificate view. This incident would have had John McCain running to the woodshed for some serious self-flogging, even before it was demanded by the left-wing media.
     The Romney campaign has been very effective staying on message while rapidly responding to attacks from the Obama campaign and their minions in the mainstream media. Mitt Romney's secret trip to the shuttered headquarters of Solyndra was brilliant. Solyndra is the solar panel company run by a major Obama donor which received 500 million dollars in taxpayer money then went bankrupt. Governor Romney made an effective speech at the former solar panel maker, drawing a distinction between the 80% success rate he had at Bain Capital, using private money, and the President's 0% success rate in the "Green Energy" industry, using taxpayer money. For those who don't know, Solyndra is only one of over a dozen "Green Energy" companies that have received taxpayer money and subsequently have gone bankrupt. In fact 70% of the loans made by the Department of Energy for "Green Energy" projects, have been to major Obama donors or campaign bundlers.
     Whether or not Mitt Romney is at heart a true Conservative may yet to be proved. One thing for sure is that he doesn't intend to run a campaign that apologizes and shrinks from the fight like the wilting flower campaign of John McCain. Yes, the Obama campaign hoped and wished for Mitt Romney to be the Republican candidate, because they thought they had an effective strategy for defeating him. But that desire by the Obama campaign is illustrative of the old adage, "Be careful what you wish for." And they may yet regret their wish made upon the falling star that has become their campaign.

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