Sunday, June 10, 2012

Economy Is Fine-In Obama's World

     Two separate incidents this week revealed the core of the Obama agenda and fleshed-out his vision for the country. The first was the revelation, and incontrovertible evidence, that Barrack Obama was a member of the New Party in the mid-1990s. The party was a radical Socialist organization whose goal was to convert the U.S. into a European Socialist-style of government. The Obama campaign in 2008 vehemently denied that Mr. Obama was a member of this organization because they knew it would all but ruin his chances to be elected president. But now Howard Kurtz from National Review Online has uncovered minutes from a meeting of the New Party from January 11, 1996. In these minutes is recorded the matriculation of Barrack Obama as well as his request to run as a New Party candidate. There is also a picture from the party's literature of the President posing with New Party members when he was a state senator. The record also shows that he paid dues to join the organization.
     In a separate but related incident during the President's press conference this week he revealed that he still believes in the mission of the New Party. He stated that the private sector economy is doing fine. This was not a mis-statement or a gaff. To the President's way of thinking, and that of the New Party, the economy is doing fine. Chronically high unemployment, now 40 months over 8 percent (the most since The Great Depression), growth in GDP below 2 percent (which is far below the post-WWII average of 3.2 percent) and twice as many people on food stamps as when Mr. Obama took office, all portends an economy that is doing fine according to the President.
     I recall a press conference shortly after the President was inaugurated, in which he said his goal was to even out the economy so there would be no boons or busts. I almost fell off my chair, because when a patient exhibits those same signs they are considered dead. Creating an economy which manufactures government dependants aligns with the New Party's objectives as well as those of our current president. I don't believe the President wants an economy which encourages independence and entrepreneurship, otherwise he would have implemented policies which would have encouraged it. Even hard-core Democrat leaders in cities and states will sometimes implement free-market, business-friendly policies in order to revive a failing economy. It's not rocket science,  you can't make life better for the employee class by making it harder on the employer class. Every one of the over 10,000 new Federal regulations passed by the Obama administration costs business money which means fewer jobs. The draconian regulatory environment along with uncertainty about taxes causes business to not hire or invest.
     When one looks at the policies and rhetoric of the last three and a half years coming from the Obama administration, it would take a herculean amount of denial to call President Obama a democrat instead of a New Partier.

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