Saturday, August 29, 2015

Is Conservative Anger Completely Justified?

     I have heard much recently about the anger in this nation generally, and on the Right specifically, being the inspiration for the unexplainable support for Donald Trump. Anger, properly focused, can be an agent for change. It was, after all, the anger generated against George W. Bush and Republicans which lead to the election of Barack Obama. And one would have to be in a coma to say that in the ensuing 6 1/2 years there has not been change. So while anger can lead to change, that change is not always desirable to the cause of Liberty.
     As for the anger that has birthed the explosive candidacy of Mr. Trump, one can make the case that much of it is generated and unfocused. The target of the Republican primary voter has been softened by the constant attacks over the last few years of the Republican "establishment" by some in Right-Wing media. So steps in Donald Trump, never one to miss an opportunity whether created by his actions or the actions of others, to coalesce the manufactured anger into poll numbers for his presidential campaign.
     Do not misinterpret my characterization of some of the current anger on the Right as manufactured to suggest that I believe all of it is. The cause of just anger about the current administration, and the seemingly weak opposition to it from congressional Republicans, has been compromised by exaggerations and emotionalism. The road to national redemption has been enveloped by the fog of political absolutism in judging current Republican office holders by the measure of what is perfect, instead of what is good.
     I have previously outlined the accomplishments of the Republican-controlled congress, such as cutting the deficit by 70% in the last 4 1/2 years. But for those who have drank the cool aide served up by Mark Levin, Michael Savage, et al, facts will not dissuade them from thinking that any Republican who holds elected office is part of the "establishment," and therefore worthy of derision and acrimony. My aim is at those who have not allowed themselves to pollute their intellects with the dirt of gossip, the dust of rumors, and the infestation of invective.
     I have tried to look at every situation, whether personal or public, as being not as good or as bad as some may define it. Especially those who may have an agenda for defining situations one way or another. And looking at the facts that have lead to the anger which has created out of whole cloth the presidential campaign of Donald Trump, I see some of that anger being justified and some being built upon the foundation of speciousness. I have always known that the truth and facts never mattered to the Left when they interfered with their political agenda. But the Donald Trump campaign has shown me that there are at least a quarter of those on the Right who seem to operate under the same fallacious understanding of reality.

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