Tuesday, July 7, 2015

A Candidacy Of "Walls and Balls"

     Let me say at the onset of this blog post that I do not disagree with Donald Trump's position on illegal immigration, just his method of delivering that position. This country does not need another couple of thousands of pages of new immigration legislation to solve its ever growing illegal immigration epidemic. What is needed is stronger security on the southern border, at least as strong as it is on the northern border, and muscular enforcement of the immigration laws already on the books. This may seem like an oversimplification, but does it not strike anyone else as odd that on our border with Canada, which has a more stable government and more prosperous economy than Mexico, the United States provides more security?
     But back to my problem with Mr. Trump's approach, again stressing how much I agree with his evaluation of how serious the U.S. illegal immigration situation has become. In my opinion the crass and inarticulate manner in which Donald Trump has attacked the real problem of illegal immigration is a disqualification for him to ever be president of the United States. Instead of Mr. Trump attacking the deliberate lax enforcement of immigration laws and the support by Hillary Clinton and most of the rest of the Democrat Party for sanctuary cities, he instead attacks those flooding over the southern border in a mad dash for jobs and benefits.
     Knowing the political climate in this country on this issue (or maybe he is obtuse to what the rest of us clearly see), Mr. Trump has declared himself a target and offered no real solution or opportunity to fix the illegal immigration problem. His position seems to consist of "Build a big, high wall and make the Mexicans pay for it." If he has offered just one solution on how to accomplish that or enforce U.S. immigration laws more forcefully, I have not heard it. Where does he stand on E-check or heavy penalties to those companies that hire illegals? None of these blank areas in his policy seems to bother his rabid supporters.
     I have been absolutely dumbfounded by the number of conservatives, including Rush Limbaugh, who have hopped on the Donald Trump bandwagon based on this one sketchy and badly articulated position. These Svengalied conservatives seem not to care about any other position that Mr. Trump may hold, or even if he holds any at all. They like that he has, in the parlance of the times, "Balls."  Arguably, of all the Republican candidates running, Mr. Trump has the sparsest platform. It sends a chill up my spine to think that conservatives who rightly mocked the vacuous "Hope and Change" candidacy of Barack Obama seem set to elect a man president whose candidacy is based on the vapidity of "Walls and Balls."

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