Sunday, July 26, 2015

Trump Campaign Illustrative Of Cultural Weakness

     One thing all Donald Trump supporters seem to have trouble achieving is a legitimate and well articulated reconciliation of Mr. Trump's four decades as a Democrat and his recent 15 minutes as a conservative. I think this weakness is more likely a result of the decline of American culture than it is any real belief that the Donald can solve the nation's problems. Support for someone who has not proven themselves in a field of endeavor, or has had any accomplishments in that field, is what lead the nation to elect Barack Obama to the presidency of the United States twice.
     It seems peculiar to me that the very things for which Donald Trump supporters state as their reasons for backing his campaign, i.e. "speaking the truth," "not being of the Washington establishment," and change without substance, are the very reasons that Barack Obama supporters voted for him. Additionally peculiar is that it appears to be those who are most vocal against the current president who are the biggest supporters of Donald Trump, and are the most oblivious to the similarities between the two men.
     If indeed Donald Trump has "seen the light" as his supporters say he has, and reformed his previous Democrat leanings, that is great. But I am not prepared to offer him the biggest prize any political Party has to give; their nomination for president of the United States. I tend to prefer the Reagan doctrine of "Trust, but verify." And the way to verify a 40 year Democrat with no political credentials is to have him earn his stripes.
     Let Mr. Trump run for the senate or the House of Representatives and prove his conservatism through years of support for conservative principles in a body where public policy is decided. After all, even Mr. Trump himself would not bestow upon an inexperienced person walking in off the street with a leadership role in his business, let alone make them a CEO. And yet he and his supporters are asking the American people to do exactly that. Donald Trump has not worked his way up form the bottom, even in business. He started out his adult life at the top of a half billion dollar corporation.
     It is no wonder that Mr. Trump believes he can leap frog others in the hunt for the presidency, and it is no wonder his supporters back this most un-American trait of modernity. Which brings me full circle as to why the Trump campaign is due to a cultural weakness and not anything he offers that is missing from any of the other candidates. The rise of the self-esteem culture, the bestowment of position without previous accomplishment, and the instant gratification syndrome of our current culture are all in play with regards to the Trump presidential campaign. And God help this nation if the voters are capricious enough to elect another president that is a product of the aforementioned cultural weaknesses.

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