Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Deal To Give Iran The Bomb

     Early this morning, while three quarters of the country was still asleep, President Obama announced the nuclear deal he and his team inked with Iran. President Obama, like a schoolboy with bad grades trying to hide his report card from his parents, made the early morning appearance and recounted the brilliance of his deal-making. However, like so much we have seen from this administration, reality is a tortured prisoner locked away in a dungeon of obfuscation and political rhetoric of the worst kind.
     When this deal-making process began between the largest state sponsor of terror in the world, Iran, and the United States and its allies, Iran had thirteen red lines that they would not cross in any deal, the United States had three. The deal that was finally agreed to saw Iran not violating any of its thirteen red lines, and the United States violating all three of theirs. The Obama negotiating team, lead by the most feckless Secretary of State since Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, proved itself to be a glittering jewel of colossal fecklessness.
     The Iranians give up nothing and receive in return $140 billion in frozen assets, which I am sure they will not be using for shovel ready infrastructure jobs in their country. Their funding of Hezbollah and other terrorist organizations had been feeling the squeeze of international sanctions which froze their assets in foreign institutions. But along comes Mr. Obama and Mr. Kerry to save the day and infuse Iran with enough cash to fund terrorist activities for years to come.
     The anytime-anywhere inspections that are part of this agreement are anything but. In order for an inspection to go forward it must be approved by a committee upon which sits members of the Iranian government. This process that the president is so sanguine about could take up to a month to implement, in which time the Iranians could simply move operations from the target of inspection to a different location. It was described by one expert as a criminal being consulted about an impending search warrant and given a month to move his contraband.
      The worst part of this deal is thanks to Bob Corker and his Bill, the president does not need the 2/3 vote of the senate required by the constitution to approve any treaty. The Corker Bill, if one remembers, turned that constitutional requirement on its head and put the onus on congress to muster 2/3 vote to reject the treaty after the president vetoes their initial rejection of the deal. This makes the dangerous deal the president signed with Iran even more likely than it would have been had the constitution been followed.
     If this deal does pass muster and is implemented, in one fell swoop President Obama will have done more to destabilize the Middle East and the world than any world leader of the last 100 years. It will be the start of a nuclear arms race in the Middle East never before seen. Sources have said that Saudi Arabia is already on the phone to Pakistan trying to secure nuclear arms to protect itself from what they know to be a rogue nation, and now thanks to Barack Obama, Iran is a rouge nation that will more than likely be nuclear tipped in the near future.       

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