Saturday, October 4, 2014


     Not since the Beetles landed in America fifty years ago and created a hysteria with their three minute ditties about love and lost love, has this country been in the grips of such delirium as the last 10 days has brought us with the Ebola "crisis." To say the fever is rising faster than our ability to uncover actual facts about the virus, is an understatement equal to saying that beheading is a cure for a sore throat. That is not to say that Ebola is not dangerous, contagious, or even deadly. But it may just turn out to be the biggest overreaction since FDR interred Japanese-Americans behind barbed wire during World War II for fear they were all going to pick up Samurai swords and start killing their fellow Americans.
     As I have stated, all the facts are not in on Ebola. But what we do know is that there have been multiple outbreaks of the virus over the last 28 years in African countries, and in total about five thousand persons have lost their lives to it. Not exactly an end-of-the-world scenario. Also a substantial amount of the virus is needed to infect a healthy person, and that amount must enter the healthy body through vomit or feces from an infected one.
     The Ebola at present can not be transmitted through the air, sweat, or by simply looking at an infected person. It is also not some nefarious plot by the New World Order crew to wipe out ninety percent of the world's population as some have suggested. If there was an actual New World Order, and for some unknown reason they wanted to wipe out ninety percent of the population, they could do it much more efficiently than with the Ebola virus. On a scale of infectious, communicable viruses, Ebola would place in the bottom half of the most likely to cause a pandemic.
     Even with all the facts, there are the usual end-of-times goofballs, and conspiracy theorists ready to jump on the opportunity created by the Ebola scare to promote whatever it is they are promoting. These folks are always there, ready to use the latest manufactured crisis as a reason to increase traffic to their websites, or sell their brand Armageddon. What surprises me are all those in talk radio and elsewhere, who usually are level-headed, but now are contributing to the hysteria with dire predictions and warnings.
    If there is a conspiracy that exists in relation to Ebola it is the lackluster response by the Obama administration. I think this, like every thing else this president has done, is deliberately calculated to advance his agenda. Ebola is no different. The administration acts aloof and almost incompetent, Keystone Cops-like I have heard it described as, so that after a few deaths from the virus the nation clamors for government action.
     The President then creates more government bureaucracy to deal with the "crisis." The virus burns itself out after a few dozen deaths, but the increased government created to combat it never disappears. Government programs, after all, are the closest thing we have to eternal life on earth. Even Ebola, or more precisely, the lack of Ebola, can not eradicate the bureaucracy created to confront it. And that, my friends, is the real virus we should fear.

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