Saturday, October 11, 2014

The Lefts Quiet War On HOAs

     Home Owners Associations (HOAs) are a vital representation of personal Liberty and freedom. For those who wish to live in condominiums or homes in planned communities, they allow the residents the ability to ensure domestic tranquility through rules and bylaws. And while many may find the rules protected by an HOA to be overbearing, those individuals are more than welcome to live in non-HOA communities.
     In recent years there has been a quiet and almost imperceptible war on condominiums and home owners associations. A war conducted by members of the Left who wish to strip these organizations of their freedoms and rights. The war is part and parcel to the Lefts rabid desire for equality at the expense of fairness. The Lefts war on HOAs is being conducted with their usual weapons, i.e. regulations, laws, and the help of the professional whining class.
     The first phase of the war was the federal government requiring states to have advocacy boards which have the authority to levy enormous fines against HOAs for the most minor infractions of anti-discrimination laws. For example, an Ohio association was fined $50,000 for having a sign in their lobby prohibiting children from playing and riding their bikes in that area of the building. A family with children that had moved in had taken over the condominium's lobby as a playroom for their children. The association's reasonable response with the signage was a violation of age discrimination laws, which in this ever increasing Orwellian society of ours, not only protect the elderly, but the "rights" of children.
     The way it works is one of these professional whiners who have been emboldened by Leftist policies finds a violation and brings it to the attention of the advocacy board, who almost always succeeds in fining the association or requiring them to add some feature to their building to bring them into compliance with ridiculous and far reaching anti-discrimination regulations. Exemplary of this scam is a handicapped woman who moved into a second floor condo of a two story condominium building, then demanded that an elevator be installed for her use. The board refused and was  forced to allow the woman to radically alter the exterior of the building to provide her a lift to her suite.
     The Leftist in state government have pushed for laws that would make condominium board members, most of whom volunteer their time and effort for the betterment of their community, to be liable with fines and jail time for infractions against an ever increasing list of anti-discrimination regulations. This is a blatant attempt to dissuade individuals from running for their associations' boards, thereby requiring the state to assign their own people to run the association.
     The Lefts war on HOAs is being conducted in order to further erode personal property rights. The tyrannical Left can not stomach HOAs because they see them as elitist and in violation of their twisted and mangled definition of "equality." It is a definition that is in violation of the tenets of Liberty and are the handmaiden of tyranny. It is a definition that cloaks itself in the robes of "fairness" while underneath lies the heart of miserable oppression. It is one more step towards a society where its members are fearful of constitutional participation, and punished for living free. 

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