Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Republicans Set To Lose The Mid-Terms

     The 2014 mid-term elections that so many on the Right have been anxiously awaiting are just a week away. And while Republicans are already planning on what actions they will take once they maintain their control of the House of Representatives and wrestle control of the United States Senate away from Harry Reid and his band of Democrat Party miscreants, they have forgotten one very important detail. They still must win the majority of seats in both houses of Congress next week, and that is far from the forgone conclusion some may want to delude themselves that it is.
     In  most of the races where Republicans must win, the polls are fairly tight. No Republican in those races is leading by more than a couple of points, and in many cases it is a dead heat. And knowing the Democrats well substantiated proclivity to commit election fraud, a few point lead for any Republican means a loss on election day. The races where the polls show the Republican ahead by only several points is very surprising to me, it also spells disaster considering the current situation.
     With a continuing economic malaise caused by Democrat policy, the fecklessness of bureaucracies like the Center for Disease Control and the Veterans administration, and the general incompetence of Democrats who have been running the government for the last six years, one would think Republicans would be 20 points ahead in every congressional race. Well maybe not 20, but they should be at least 10 points ahead in each race. There are some governors, like John Kasich of Ohio who have commanding leads over their Democrat challengers. But for the most part the Republican field has had a lackluster showing.
     Maybe it is because Republicans know their proclivity towards snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, and decided to remain silent and let the Democrats implode. The only problem is that Democrats may not be imploding as much as Republicans thought they would. It is the same mistake the Republicans made in 2012. Thinking that one of the worst economies in post-WWII history would sink the Obama bid for re-election. We are all painfully aware how their non-involvement in that campaign turned out.
     Even if what Republicans see as the best case scenario happens, they would pick up only enough seats to bequeath them a 1 or 2 seat majority in the Senate. The population of moderate and even  Leftist Republican Senators may neuter any advantage election victory may bring them in that body. Also, they will not have enough seats to override any veto, which are sure to come from the president if the Republicans pass any legislation that does not conform to the Obama agenda.
     Some think that having both Houses of Congress (assuming the Republicans win the Senate and keep the House) will force President Obama into cooperation. I do not know where these people have been for the last six years, but Barack Obama does not have to cooperate. He can veto any Republican efforts and has his ten pound hammer of executive orders to force upon the country anything he sees fit. It is going to be a long two years whether Republicans are successful next week or not.

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