Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Controlled Burn Of A President

     There has been recent examples of those on the Right pointing to less than flattering statements about President Obama in various media outlets. The most recent has been that of Tina Brown, founder of the Leftist "news" website, the Daily Beast. Ms. Brown espoused the theory that women in particular have not felt safe with Barack Obama, domestically, economically, or in the arena of national security. These outbursts by the media against President Obama are really about saving their future credibility and giving those on the Right like Rush Limbaugh something to point to as proof that media support for "The One" is on the wane.
     Do not think that the Obama votarients in the media have engaged in this criticism of their own volition. I am sure that the administration has given them the high sign that it is OK to criticize the president, now that he no longer needs their support. Barack Obama will not run for political office ever again, and therefore a slavish media just is not that important. His future after leaving office will be dominated by million dollar speeches and golf.
     Those in the media gain from criticizing the president by having "fair and balanced" credibility with the public. If criticized by those on the Right, they can point to the stories they do in the out years of the Obama administration as proof that they were not in the tank for him all along. And since the president no longer needs public or media support to advance his agenda, having his pen and phone and needing nothing else, criticism of him or his policies by media is irrelevant.
      Barack Obama is in an enviable position, where most presidents in the final stages of their presidencies are lame ducks, he will be a charging bull. These next two years may prove historic in the amount of policies enacted by any president, and all without the aid of Congress. Even if the House remains in Republican hands, and the Senate falls out of Democrat hands after next month's mid-term election, the president's only opposition will be the Supreme Court, if they choose to act.
     Executive orders that President Obama may pen can be overturned or revoked by a successor or by the Supreme Court, as they did with President Truman's Executive Order 10340, which essentially gave the federal government authority to seize private steel mills whose workers were on strike. Executive orders have three levels of standing. An order has the most standing when it supports the explicit will of Congress. It has dubious standing when its issuance is on that which Congress has not ruled. An Executive Order has the least standing when it contradicts the will of Congress on either something it has ruled for or ruled against.
     The increased criticism of President Obama by the media is a controlled burn meant to save the forest of journalism from years of blind support for a president that has been by far the biggest presidential detriment to the economy, foreign policy, and the Constitution. The media has already done their part in destroying the very fabric of freedom in this country, and now, with permission from the administration, they are trying to save any shreds of their integrity that may remain.

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