Sunday, September 23, 2012

A Forthcoming Apology From Horrible Harry?

     When Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid recently said that an imaginary friend told him that Mitt Romney hadn't paid income tax for the last ten years, anyone tethered to reality knew he was lying. But still the narrative of a tax-evading Republican candidate for President was dutifully reported by the mainstream media as if it had any basis in fact and common sense. Forget the fact that if it were true, the IRS would have surely found out before now. Also lost on the irrational left is the fact that Mitt and Ann Romney have their money in a blind trust, which is managed for them, including the preparation of taxes every year. Unless you believe that Price-Waterhouse was willing to risk their reputation and business simply to aid Governor Romney in cheating on his taxes, Horrible Harry's lie was less meritorious than a six year old denying responsibility for a broken window via a baseball when he is holding the bat.
     This week, Price-Waterhouse released Mitt and Ann Romney's taxes for the current year and a certified statement that the Romney's had paid their taxes every year for the last 20 years. The same return showed that the Romney's paid an effective tax rate over that period of 20 percent, far higher than the average American who pays an effective rate of around 8 percent (according to IRS data). It also showed that the Romney's gave over 13 percent of their adjusted gross income to charity, far more than any leader in the Democrat party, including Mr. Reid. Did Harry Reid apologize for disseminating inaccurate information he gained from his imaginary friend, of course not. He doubled down on his lie and expected people to ignore the thick web of that lie which has now engulfed him. Harry Reid's sleazy bald-faced lying is nothing new for Democrats, neither is the fact that they are never held accountable by their propaganda wing in the mainstream media. During the election of 1964, the Democrats found several thousand sympathetic physcharitrists to say that Barry Goldwater was insane. This medical malpractice (it is morally and ethically wrong for a mental health care professional to make a conclusion on someones mental state whom they have not personally examined) had no consequences for these despicable doctors. Neither were there any consequences for the Johnson campaign which orchestrated the lie. Since then, this tactic has become a favorite way for Democrats to attack their political opponents so they don't have to defend their indefensible policies.
     I doubt Mitt Romney is waiting around for Harry Reid to admit his transgression, something only a decent and honorable man would do. In fact, a decent and honorable man would not have made the baseless charge at all. No, I think Mitt Romney is more concerned with the financial abyss into which Harry Reid, Barrack Obama and the rest of the Democrat leadership seem hell-bent on dragging this country. But don't expect the issue of Mitt Romney's taxes to go away anytime soon, it is a ridiculous and absurd distraction, but it's all this administration has to offer the American people in lieu of any success or achievement. It's par for the course for a community organizer, a sleazy Senate Majority Leader and their useful idiots that reside in Congress and the mainstream media.

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