Sunday, September 9, 2012

An Election Pre-postmortem

     After watching highlights (or in the case of the Democrats, low lights) of the conventions, I am convinced that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan will wrestle the White House away from Barrack Obama and Joe Biden. The President's campaign seems to be entirely based on, "Don't judge me on my performance, I promise I'll do better in a second term." And while this message may motivate the die hard Obama-maniacs to vote for "The One", I think the majority of the voters this November want and deserve something better for our country.
     That being said, what will the political landscape look like after the election? I know the Jurassic media will be pulling all-nighters plotting the personal destruction of President Romney and Vice-President Ryan. They, along with the Democrats in Congress, will mis-direct the country's attention away from the mess that the current administration has left and somehow blame it on the new administration. Poor Barry, George Bush left him a bigger mess than he could fix in four years, and now Mitt Romney is reversing the brilliance that was the Obama policy. And once the Romney-Ryan remedy begins to breathe new life into a comatose economy, the Democrats and Jurassic media will say, "See, Obama's policies are starting to work."
     As for the out-going President Obama, I am sure he will not show the same grace to Mitt Romney as was shown to him by George W. Bush. He will do everything in his power, as will the decreased number of Democrats in Congress, to make the transition of power as tough as possible. Just as Bill Clinton did with George W. Bush in 2000. The Clinton gang deliberately misinformed George Bush about times and locations of important transition meetings and pulled the childish stunt of removing all the Ws from the White House keyboards. While Bill Clinton was acting like a petulant child, Hillary was stealing the White House silverware. I shudder to think what is going to happen with the Obamas, they are without even the modicum of civility and decency into which the Clintons sometimes accidentally swerve.
     My guess is that all the Democrats' petty and infantile behavior will not tarnish the grace and decency of Romney-Ryan. Nor will it dissuade them from the task at hand, which is to reverse four years of the Obama doctrine of hastening America's economic and military decline. My fervent wish for the United States of America is that the country that rises from the ashes that is the Obama administration, will be a stronger nation that is more resistant to falling for the immorality of the Marxist ideology. A nation that will once again live up to exceptional nature which has allowed it to advance the human condition and be a source of good in the world like no other nation in history.

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