Sunday, September 30, 2012

Obama Voters Phone Home

     This week, a video surfaced of an Obama voter attending a protest of a Romney event. Actually the woman in the video was paid $11 an hour by the Service Employees International Union and given a bus ride to various Romney events throughout the state of Ohio. This is a tactic that has been replicated in many other states at Romney events . The woman in the video made it clear that she and all her poor minority friends were voting for Obama because he gave them free cell phones, actually it was the U.S. taxpayers  that paid for the phones. If you see or hear the woman in the video you will understand just how much the education system, that is controlled by the very same kind of unions that paid her to be a protester, has failed her.
     The program uses a tax that was instituted around the time of the Spanish-American war, and was originally used to string phone wire into under-served rural areas. In recent years, the tax has been used to buy low-income people cell phones (at last count 12.5 million) and to pay their bill every month. The problem is that there is rampant fraud in the program. Some recipients are acquiring 20 to 30 phones and selling them outright or using them with which to barter for other items.
     Besides the outright insanity of spending 1.5 billion dollars a year(and growing)  buying people cell phones when the Federal government borrows 40% of what it spends, the program begs the question, "What is the proper role of the government?" It leads me to wonder how many other similar superfluous Federal programs exist and how many hundreds of billions of dollars can be cut from the budget by eliminating them. The Department of Education is one which requires 100 billion dollars a year just to administer the Federal department, none of that money actually makes it to the schools. And since the DOE's inception by the Carter administration, the U.S. has gone from first in the world in education to 37th.
     Programs, like free phones for low-income people, are just one more step down the dangerous slippery slope of replacing our daily liberties with government-provided goodies. So all you Obama voters, use your government phone to phone your government-provided home, which contains your government-provided food and your government-provided air conditioner with your car in the driveway which is repaired using taxpayer money. Some day you will realize that what you have given up is far more valuable than what you have received.     

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