Monday, September 10, 2012

An Alternative 9-11 History

     Following is an alternative history after the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001 had the hand of providence not been present in the Presidential election the previous year.

One Year Anniversary of 9-11: Throughout this first year after the attacks several bridges, including the Brooklyn and Golden Gate, have been destroyed by terrorists. Several landmark buildings, including the Sears Tower and the Empire State building have also been partially or completely destroyed by radical Islamic terrorists. Three million more of our fellow countrymen have been murdered. President Al Gore, against the very vocal protestations of Vice-President Joe Lieberman, has placed all branches of the military on a non-aggressive stand-down while he allows for diplomacy to sprout results.

Two Year Anniversary of 9-11: President Gore has convened a new federal agency at the behest of Osoma Bin Laden to advise the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The new agency is called, The Office of Muslim Outreach. The agency, according to the President is only advisory and its mission is to help America become more aware of the offenses we have committed against the Muslim world.

Three Year Anniversary of 9-11: In an attempt to be less offensive to the Muslim world, President Gore has replaced Joe Lieberman as Vice-President. Citing his Jewish heritage as "culturally insensitive" to Islam.

Four Year Anniversary of 9-11: After winning re-election by reducing terrorist attacks using a program of appeasement, President Gore places the new Office of Muslim Outreach in charge of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The agency has the final word on any and all issues regarding all branches of the military. He awaits a further reduction in attacks on U.S. targets as promised by Osoma Bin Laden.

Five Year Anniversary of 9-11: President Gore, through executive order, makes it illegal for any public criticism of Islam or of any Islamic leaders. As part of the new order, "Islamic terrorist" in addition to 13 other such words and phrases are punishable by severe prison terms.

Six Year Anniversary of 9-11: President Gore convinces the United Nations to support Al Qaeda's bid to unify the Middle East, including the land that was once Isreal, under its control and leadership. Millions of Jews are immediately killed or imprisoned.

Seven Year Anniversary of 9-11: The United States Supreme Court, after having been stacked with sympathetic justices, supports President Gore's arguments for suspending the general election that would have normally taken place this fall.

Eight Year Anniversary of 9-11: At the "recommendation" of The Office of Muslim Outreach, all homosexuals are banned from serving in the military and government. They are also banned from publicly acknowledging their homosexuality.

Nine Year Anniversary of 9-11: In an effort to be less offensive to Islam and to further reduce attacks, President Gore issues an Executive Order stating that any and all public demonstrations must be authorized by The Office of Muslim Outreach.

Ten Year Anniversary of 9-11: The United States Supreme Court, in an effort to be "Muslim Sensitive", replaces the Constitution with Sharia law. Anyone, Muslim or non-Muslim, breaking the law will be dealt with using the prescriptions outlined in the Koran.

Eleven Year Anniversary of 9-11: President Gore's final act of appeasement is to issue an official U.S. government document stating that all the attacks of the last eleven years were perpetrated by the U.S. government. President Gore dies mysteriously in his sleep and is replaced in the Oval Office by Osoma Bin Laden.

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