Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Left's Religious Intolerance

     It's not surprising that the first reaction of the Obama administration to the attacks on U.S. sovereignty in Egypt and Libya was to apologize. After all, it was then Illinois state senator Barrack Obama, who just days after the terrorist attacks in September of 2001, wrote an op ed column blaming the U.S. for the attacks. Further insult was added to the injury of four American deaths when the President praised the Libyan security forces, who it turned out, told the angry mob where to find Ambassador Stevens after they had moved him to a safe location per diplomatic protocol. The President and Secretary of State Clinton condemned the attacks later in the day in "the strongest terms possible", whatever that means. What are those terms?
     These events are not surprising to anyone who has watched this feckless administration bumble its way through almost four years of economic and foreign policy incompetence. The larger issue illuminated by statements from the administration is the left's bastardization of American values in order to advance an ever bigger government. Secretary Clinton said that religious tolerance is the cornerstone of our democracy. This is interesting in so much as religious tolerance is not mentioned in the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence or any other founding documents. It is religious freedom that is the cornerstone of our democracy. This may seem to you to be splitting hairs, but it is an important distinction. Hillary chose the word tolerance over freedom because religious freedom empowers the individual and religious tolerance empowers the government. Religious freedom limits the authority of government over faith. Conversely, religious tolerance empowers the government to limit the expression of faith.
     Both the Secretary of State and the President talked about respect for all religions, however the actions of the left do not support this concept in the least. One only needs to look at how Mitt Romney's Mormon faith has been ridiculed by Obama campaign surrogates to understand that the left doesn't respect the faith of those they oppose politically. Further evidence of the left's religious intolerance can be traced over the last 20 years. Whether it is taxpayer money that was used by the National Endowment for the Arts to fund an exhibit which included a crucifix in a jar of urine or the sculpture of the Virgin Mary made from elephant dung, the left seems to have no religious respect for Christianity. Christians are being tortured and slaughtered on a daily basis in Muslim countries and we are suppose to have tolerance for those engaging in the slaughter. Again, when religious tolerance is the value instead of religious freedom, we allow the government to decide which religions are tolerated and which ones can be mocked, ridiculed and ultimately have their followers murdered for their faith.

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