Sunday, October 21, 2012

Mitt Romney-A National B-12 Shot

     If and when President Obama loses his bid for re-election, the deciding factor, in my opinion, will be twofold. He will have underestimated the voters' desire to reject him and his ideology, and he will have overestimated his ability to convince the voters to believe his mis-characterizations of Mitt Romney. It will be the proverbial "pride coming before a fall" which will be his undoing. According to a recent book by Bob Woodward, President Obama touched John Boehner's arm during the 2011 debt ceiling debate and told him, "John, I have complete confidence in my ability to sway the American people." Well, maybe not when it comes to the American people agreeing to a suicide pact with the President. We shall see in a couple of weeks.
     The one glaring difference between President Obama and Mitt Romney which has been highlighted by the debates, as well as the campaign in general the last couple of weeks, is the desire to uplift the country in every way. And in that respect, I think the optimism of Governor Romney is very similar to that of Ronald Reagan. I'm not saying that Mitt Romney is Ronald Reagan, but then again, Ronald Reagan wasn't Mitt Romney either. But Mitt Romney does seem to have the Reaganesque gift for inculcating in Americans a sense of greatness and a desire to strive for better. President Obama's message is that America must settle for less than she once was. Whether it is less economic growth, less influence to do good in the world or less individual freedoms for the good of the collective. These are concepts which are ingrained in President Obama's DNA and are conversely anathema to every fiber of Mitt Romney's being.
     Barrack Obama's four year odyssey of crisis creation, class-warfare and general thuggery, has emotionally and physically drained the American people. Mitt Romney is like a super shot of B-12 for our national energy and well being. Where Barrack Obama paints a bleak picture of America's future as unexceptional, Mitt Romney is an advocate for that exceptionalism. Where Barrack Obama says the only salvation for Americans is to cede their liberty to bigger and bigger government, Mitt Romney believes every American can use their God-given gifts to improve their lives and the lives of their families. Where Barrack Obama wants Americans to accept that someone else is holding them back and government should be employed to settle the score, Mitt Romney makes the case that it is the governmental policies of Barrack Obama and those who think as he does that are truly holding  back the greatness of the American people. Where Barrack Obama thinks that America should have less of a role in the world to shape events for good, Mitt Romney believes that it is the American values enshrined in our founding documents that can bring peace and prosperity to the rest of the world.  I believe, in the final analysis, Mitt Romney will win the Presidential election because he is the right man for the time and his optimism will not allow any other outcome.