Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Obama's Second Inaugeral

     If all the angels of heaven stand back and God Himself abandons this great nation, what follows resembles what I think President Obama's second inaugural address will contain.
     My fellow citizens, now that the campaign of 2012 is behind us, let us begin the campaign to bring real justice to America and the world. For real justice comes not in the imposition of ideals, but in the equality of outcomes. And one man's struggle is not to be suffered alone, but shared by all until there is no more struggle by any man.
     These lessons were taught to me as a child by my mother, but were the fervent dream of my father. It was a dream of a world in which a new social justice would rule. A world where wrongs would be righted, whether those wrongs were between countrymen or nations. A world in which the oppressors would be minimized and the oppressed raised up. As a child I remember becoming enlightened at the elbow of my grandfather, Stanley Dunham and his friend, Frank Marshall Davis. There, in a smoke-filled room heavy with the smell of whiskey, my eyes and heart were opened to the injustices perpetrated by my own country on its own citizens and the citizens of the world. They would talk about a new politician that could summon the power to bring a new social justice to all men. This new leader would create the way for the aggrieved of the world to be made whole and for the oppressors to share what was so generously bestowed upon them. I wonder now if they knew that the young child in their presence would be that man.
     The dream of my father, grandfather, Frank Davis and many others begins when this this great nation leaves behind the behaviors it learned in its colonial past and enters a new era of cooperation. An era where every nation, every value system and every culture has an equal seat at the table of humanity. A world where there is no good and evil or right and wrong . A world where Peace does not come at the tip of a missile or the muzzle of a gun, but from the ink that flows from the pen that is used to sign a new covenant. A covenant which forever ties the salvation of one man to the salvation of all men. A covenant which grows the collective wealth of all men, not just the few. And a covenant which compels the arrogant to atone for their arrogance by lifting up those oppressed by their arrogance.
     I have taken the first step towards that new covenant. This week I have spoken to Russian President Medveded, and have assured him of a new era of cooperation. I told him I would carry through on my promise to be more flexible, and that by the end of my second term, the United States would eliminate its nuclear arsenal. For we can not expect other nations of the world to behave peacefully until the source of their anxiety is removed. We can not eliminate the nuclear arsenals of other nations while we still possess ours. The United States will be an example to the rest of the world. Instead of imposing our will with nuclear-tipped missiles, we will commit ourselves to the brotherhood of man with an outstretched hand of friendship.
     The road ahead is going to be long and the path may be a rocky one, but we will travel it together. I invite members of Congress to join the journey in a new spirit of cooperation. But make no mistake, if Congress refuses to enact the policies for a better world, I will use the authority of my office to enact them through executive order.
     For those of you who understand and are with me, I welcome your continued support and input. For those who are not, I hope in the coming months and years I can re-educate and submerse you in a new way of thinking that values each man equally based on his membership in humanity. Together we can build a nation and a world where the contributions of each person is valued equally and the fruits of the collective contributions are likewise shared equally. I look forward to taking this journey to a better world with you and thank you again for your support.

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  1. OMG, that sounds like an Obama speech. It should be followed by singing "Kumbaya" in unison. LOL!!!

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    2. Thanks Neocyte. I just put myself in Obama's head and then had to decontaminate faterward.