Monday, October 1, 2012

The Arrogance of the Propagandist

     It has been three weeks since the terrorist attacks on U.S. embassies in the middle east which left our Libyan ambassador and three others dead. Since then, we have learned that the administration knew the attacks were pre-planned by Al Qeada within 24 hours of the incident, and that Ambassador Stevens had expressed security concerns prior to the attacks. Nothing was done to beef-up security or to mitigate the effects of such attacks. The President, as recently as last week, was still blaming an obscure anti-Muslim video on YouTube for the attacks and proffering the narrative that the attacks were spontaneous. This kind of blind arrogance, that they could subjugate the truth to their own propaganda, has been the modus operandi of an administration and a President that has employed the tactics of all authoritarian leaders.
     I like to call it, "The Arrogance of the Propagandist." They have used the same tactic with everything they have done, from health care to their campaign to win re-election. They believe that, with their willing accomplices in the mainstream media, they can control the flow of information to the masses. This is the driving force behind their demonization of anyone who disagrees with them or that report facts that don't support their agenda. It is this arrogance which recently allowed Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to accuse Mitt Romney of paying no income tax for the last ten years. Even after Governor Romeny's tax returns were released and exposed Senator Reid's lie, he continued to engage in the deception. This kind of outright deception has been a favorite tactic of the left for decades. From the revision of history that casts the Democrat KKK as being a right-wing organization to the sanitising of history of the fact that the Jim Crow laws in the segregationist south were the handiwork of Democrat politicians.
     This arrogance has been fed by the left's control of the media, which up until 20 years ago, was a monopoly. And even with the advent of talk radio, the Internet and Fox News, they still believe they have a media monopoly. That is why they try so hard to marginalize the sources of balanced news, making some people believe that they are radical outliers. They never debate the substance of the news and commentary that flows from the alternative media, they only demonize and personally attack its practitioners.
     Which brings me back to the terrorist attacks of three weeks ago. It is frightening enough to me the ease with which the administration deliberately lied to gain a political advantage. By blaming the attacks on a video made by a Christain filmmaker, the administration was hoping to make the link in peoples minds between the filmmaker and Conservatives. What is more frightening is the arrogance of the President to keep lying, even after the Libyan President, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and many in the mainstream media said the attacks were pre-planned and had nothing to do some obscure video. I dare say, the emperor has no clothes.

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