Monday, October 15, 2012

The Lessons of Benghazi

     Last week at a press conference, Hillary Clinton made an odd statement. She said that they still don't know what happened in Benghazi, Libya on September 11 of this year when our consulate was attacked and our ambassador and three others were murdered. Mrs. Clinton, along with the rest of the administration must not watch or read any news, if they did, clarity about the events in Benghazi would be theirs. Everyone else in the world, besides the Obama administration, seems to understand that terrorists planned and executed an attack against America, committing the previously mentioned murders. The President of Libya, Mohammed Magarief, knew the facts of the assault within 24 hours after it happened, and stated so on world-wide media.
     Whether Hillary Clinton is being honest, or she is knowingly participating in the White House cover-up about Libya, one thing is clear, i.e. our enemies know what happened and what it means. They know that American targets, especially overseas, will not be properly securitized and will be vulnerable to attack. They further understand that once an attack is planned and executed, the current American leadership will find a way to blame it on their own country. And lastly, our enemies know that there will be no consequences to killing Americans. These lessons, being taught to our enemies by the Obama administration, embolden not only the enemies of the United States, but the enemies of free people everywhere.
     Abraham Lincoln called America, "The last best hope of man on earth." That statement is never so true as it is right now in history. No where else in the world are the values of individualism and personal liberty still a guiding principle. Even with the current bloated government, when people around the world want to escape tyranny and oppression and live a life of opportunity, they set their eyes on America. There is something I read once about a "gates test." That is if you raise the imaginary gates around any country, do people rush in or rush out. If the values of our founding documents are lost to history, the United States and the world will fall into an age of darkness and oppression.
     That is why it is so important for the United States to be a force for good in the world, and to provide strong, un-equivocating leadership based on the principles of our founders. If we fail at this time in history, we fail not only ourselves and the current people of the world, but our founding fathers and every man of conscience that has taken up the cause of freedom throughout history.

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