Monday, October 1, 2012

The Obamagate Scandals

     Someone once said, "If you're going to lie, lie big and lie often." This statement has not only been the modus operandi of the Obama Administration, but they have expanded it to include scandals. There have been so many scandals in this administration, the public has become weary from the drama they have created.
     Scandal number one was the 787 billion dollar stimulus, passed less than a month after President Obama was inaugurated. At the time, the President had huge majorities in both the House and the Senate and was easily able to pass the bill without Republican support. The bill was to fund shovel-ready projects, which a year and a half later the President joked, "I guess the shovel-ready projects weren't so shovel-ready." He promised that the stimulus would keep unemployment under 8 percent, and actually lower it to 6 percent by this point in his term. For the record, unemployment has been over 8 percent for a record 44 consecutive months. Where did the money go? The President saw fit to give billions of taxpayer dollars to his campaign bundlers and donors who created phony solar companies and then went bankrupt after they got the money. Solendra was the most notable, but there were over a dozen. He also gave billions more to his union supporters.
     Scandal number two was Obamacare. The President again made promises he didn't keep, and probably had no intention of keeping. The cost, according to the latest Congressional Budget Office estimates, is three times what the President said. And the cost is rising every year, and the law has not even been implemented yet. He also said health care premiums would decrease for the average American, has yours? Another selling point of Obamacare was that if you like your current plan and doctor, you can keep them both. Millions of Americans have lost their coverage and doctor as a direct result of Obamacare. The health care law has also slowed job growth because companies, especially small businesses, don't want to take on the risk of new employees with Obamacare on the horizon. Oh, and the President pilfered over 700 billion from Medicare to help defray the enormous cost of his ill-advised health care scam. So much for seniors getting the care they need, which they paid for all those years. Then to make matters worse, when the law was before the Supreme Court this past Summer, the President was informed by his former Solicitor General and current Supreme Court Justice, Elena Kagan, that the court was going to strike down the law. The President and his minions in the media implemented a public intimidation campaign against Chief Justice Roberts, who ended up changing his vote to accommodate the President.
     Scandal number three is the fast and furious program which was implemented by the Obama justice Department in conjunction with the Bureau of Alcohol, Firearms and Tobacco. They deliberately allowed guns to walk over the Mexican border to the waiting arms of Mexican drug cartels. They lost track of the guns, which were subsequently used in the murder of hundreds of Mexicans and a U.S. border agent. The administration lied and blamed it on the Bush administration. The program started and ended during the Bush administration was called "Wide Receiver" and used guns in the same way that law enforcement uses drugs, they arrest the criminals before they walk away with them. The President then used Executive privilege to protect Attorney General Eric Holder, when he was caught red-handed in a web of lies.
     And finally there is the scandal that is President Obama's Middle East policy, which lead to the death our Libyan ambassador and three other Americans. He and his administration deliberately lied about the incident being a pre-planned Al Queada attack. Instead they wanted the American people to believe the attack was the fault of an anti-Muslim video. They apologized to the Muslim world for our form of free speech guaranteed by the Constitution and jailed the film's creator at the request of former Muslim Brotherhood head and current Egyptian leader, Mohamed Morsi.
     And people on the left thought Watergate was a horrible scandal. At least Watergate didn't involve trillions of taxpayer dollars, the public intimidation of a Supreme Court Justice, hundreds of dead Mexicans and a border agent, a dead ambassador and a film maker in jail because of what he thinks. The Biggest scandal of the Obama administration is the flogging of the Constitution.

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  1. It's too bad more than half the country doesn't see this. This guy has been a disaster from before he was elected. Seems all they can see is what their going to get. It's not going to be what they expect.

  2. Marylou, thanks for your kind words. I'm more optomistic that more and more people are seeing the toxic nature of this adminstration. Keep the faith.

  3. Well said Mr. Koch. We must all keep the faith. AND we MUST all remember what this administration has done to America. He has not managed to destroy it yet, but he has the last nail in his hand with the hammer at the ready. His re-election will finish us. He has proven his distain for the US. I for one will not rest easy until the inauguration of Romney in January. And I will still keep one eye open for anything he might do.

    Mike M
    Nashville, NC