Thursday, March 28, 2013

Cold Dead Career

     A clown purposely acts the fool to make people laugh and to generally entertain. A buffoon acts the fool unknowingly. While "actor" and "comedian" Jim Carrey may think he is the former, it is the latter description which best suits his buffoonish antics that he passes off as clever political commentary. The most recent offering of buffoonery, clumsily disguised as relevant commentary, from the attention-starved actor who has recently made more bombs than an artillery factory during wartime, is a "music video."
     Mr. Carrey's latest attempt to significantly lower the collective intelligence of our culture is a music video entitled, "Cold Dead Hand." In it, the man who once lived out of his car and is quickly on his way to replaying that role to critical acclaim, mocks gun owners in general and the deceased actor Charlton Heston specifically. The comically impotent Mr. Carrey perpetuates Leftist ignorance about gun-rights advocates as all being tobacco-chewing, pick-up driving, backwoods dwellers who marry their cousins and carry shotguns wherever they go. He also engages in one of the most cowardly acts imaginable, i.e., attacking the dead who can no longer defend themselves.
     I wonder if Mr. Carrey understands that many more people are killed every year by the government's fuel mileage standards than by gun violence. And that two-thirds of all gun deaths in the United States are suicides. I also wonder if the woefully uninformed Jim Carrey understands that the so-called assault weapons ban we had in this country for over 10 years was proven not to have lowered gun violence at all. I'm sure, with his limited ability to comprehend, that Mr. Carrey doesn't understand that gun violence has actually decreased in this country in the last twenty years at the same time the number of guns privately owned has dramatically increased. Mr. Carrey is obviously ignorant of the fact that many more crimes are prevented with the proper use of a firearm than are committed by the criminal use of such weapons.
     I'm sure that Mr. Carrey doesn't care about the facts and statistical evidence that disproves the driving force behind his childish outburst. And lest anyone out there forgot, it was Jim Carrey who was a visible opponent of childhood vaccinations a few years ago when the loony Left in Hollywood, as well as elsewhere, thought that the minuscule amounts of mercury in the drugs to help stabilize them was causing Autism. But there was no public ridicule of Mr. Carrey and others who leaped before they had all the facts. How many children died as a result of their idiot parents refusing to have them vaccinated on the advice of Hollywood hacks like Jim Carrey.
     Why doesn't Jim Carrey make a video about all the gang violence in Chicago or any other big city for that matter? Or How about a video from the brave and clever Mr. Carrey about Islamist extremists?  These two scourges on human existence kill more people in a year than all the gun violence in the last 20 years. No, I think Mr. Carrey's real impetus for the video was not to make a difference in reducing gun violence, but to revive his "Cold Dead Career."

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