Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Official RNC Surrender

       The Republicant party has always had its "mavericks" like John McCain and Lindsey Graham, who can not only reach across the aisle to Democrats on policy issues, but who actually take up residence there and abandon the Conservative principles that are not only the foundation of the party of Lincoln, but the country as founded. If the past two elections have illustrated anything at all, it is that the direction that these establishment Republicants seem hell-bent on leading the party is not only bad for republicanism, but for the fate of this great nation.
     Conservatives have long suspected that those in the party like Chairman of the RNC, Reince Priebus, have wanted to transform it into an organization that the media and the Left in Washington would suckle as their own. Well yesterday, Chairman Priebus officially surrendered the party to the will of the Left. Speaking from his position as de jure head of the Republicant party, he accepted as truth the propaganda of the Left about Republicants. Mr. Priebus said the party had become an organization of stuffy old men and needed to change if election victory was in its future. In his rambling apology for the Republicant party, he gave backing and credence to all the stereotypes the Left spews about Republicants. I saw a glimpse of this capitulation during the last presidential campaign when Reince Priebus sat mute as a bloviating Chris Matthews spewed his hateful lies about Republicants.
     Chairman Priebus has a plan for surrender that includes, but I'm sure is not limited to, a 10 million dollar outreach program to minorities, a digital officer to help the party use technology to win elections and a revamping of the primary process so a Republicant nominee is chosen earlier. The plan that Mr. Priebus has for reaching out to minorities is to embrace amnesty for illegals and a full-throated support for gay marriage. Adopting a lighter version of Leftist ideals only makes the party weaker because Republicants will never out-left the Left. If the Republicant party wants more minority support, they need to articulate why conservative principles are better for the individual than the big government solutions from the Left that simply enslave them.
     As for some of the other suggestions from the RNC Chairman, I am all for using the tools of the digital age to win elections, but the main goal should be to spread conservatism. The Republicant party needs to be in constant campaign mode like the Democrats. Use the money of rich donors to run ads on issues in real time and pay for more expert speakers to tour college campuses to proffer arguments on issues that the students don't hear from their Leftist teachers or from the media. As far as changing the primary process, that's all fine and good. But Mitt Romney didn't lose to Barack Obama because he wasn't chosen early enough but because he was chosen at all. I like Mitt Romney, he is a good and decent man, but the Republicant party needs to figure out that it is conservative principles that win the hearts and minds of people and ultimately win elections. Chairman Priebus' surrender makes defeat a constant companion for the Republicant party and makes more likely the formation of a conservative alternative.

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