Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Leftism: A Higher Calling For Some In Religious Life

     Yesterday, Pope Francis I gave his inaugural mass in Vatican City, Rome. He spoke to thousands of attendees, including some world leaders who oddly enough don't support the church's mission, and who only saw the event as a photo-op. One of those leaders was our very own "Slow" Joe Biden.    
    Vice President Joe Biden attending the Pope's inaugural mass is an insult to Catholicism specifically and all of Christendom in General. The Vice President's support of a pro-abortion agenda is in conflict with the very core of the Catholic faith and Christian beliefs. Joe Biden says he is a Catholic, but how does one reconcile the core teachings of their faith with the radically anti-life position of their political affiliation if that person is a Democrat?
     During the vice presidential debate in the last election cycle, Joe Biden said that he believes abortion is wrong and he believes in the sanctity of life, but he doesn't wish to impose his beliefs on others. The hypocritical VP had moments before used his faith as a basis for defending an expanding government to fund social programs that he says, "support the least among us." The call of religious faith to help the poor through public policy was even alluded to by Pope Francis. It is disheartening that even a theologian like the Pope has accepted as truth the propaganda that the Left has encouraged over the last few decades. That propaganda uses the message of the Bible and other religious texts for individuals to help those less fortunate, as an endorsement of big government.
     Recently I have become evermore disgusted with clergy and others in religious life who have taken vows and then vote for politicians like Barack Obama. I fail to understand how they justify their politics in light of what they say are their deeply held religious beliefs. Either these people have taken a higher vow to Leftism or they are completely ignorant of the positions that are supported by those to whom they carelessly give their vote. If the former is true, they have broken their vow to God and will suffer His wrath for doing so. If, however, the latter condition applies, they have failed at the very basic responsibility of citizenship, i.e., to be part of an informed electorate. Unfortunately their ignorance not only affects their singular relationship with the big "G", God, but condemns us all to a life of servitude to the little "g", government.

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