Monday, March 11, 2013

The Delusion Of Sex Change

     Sex change operations, or gender reassignment as it is now called, has been part of our culture since the 1930s, and can trace its origins to 1921 if you consider Rudolf Dora's attempt to remove his penis and become a woman. And one can argue about what to call it, I prefer the former term to the latter because technically words are classified by gender and people by sex, but there is no argument that changing ones sex has become all too commonplace.
     Approximately a quarter of a million people undergo sex change operations in the United States  yearly. It was recently reported by the American Psychological Association, and supported by a multitude of other studies, that a vast majority of these individuals are more emotionally conflicted and unhappy after the surgery than they were previously, and many eventually commit suicide. The problem is, treating someone who is conflicted about their sex by changing their physical sex organs does nothing to treat the psychosis that is responsible for their delusion of being trapped in the body of the wrong sex. And while it may seem the height of tolerance, especially to those on the Left, that indulging individuals' delusions about their sex, if those delusions differ from their physical attributes, it is analogous to indulging a child's delusion that they can fly by allowing them to jump off a roof.
     Sex change surgery has now become the most recent foray into "Barbary of the soul of decency" to be embraced and promoted by the university system in the United States. Over thirty American universities offer sex change surgery as part of their student medical plans, and another 25 offer hormone treatments as part of their plans. The question arises that if someone doesn't feel that their body is in sync with their mind, wouldn't the most enlightened course to pursue be to fix the mind? Or are we as a society suppose to indulge and financially support any citizen's delusional thinking instead of helping them to solve the psychological or emotional condition that is the source of their delusion.
     If a woman truly believes that she is a large-breasted woman stuck in a small-breasted woman's body, should others be expected to pay for breast enhancement surgery?  Or if a man with a small penis believes he is a large-penis man trapped in his current physique, do the taxpayers and his fellow citizens have the obligation to fork over hard earned dollars for his penis enlargement surgery? Has the thinking of modern times become so twisted that the culture encourages its members in the delusional thinking that their will is stronger than physical reality? These are the obvious questions that are not even considered by those who promote delusion and fantasy as a substitute for reason and probity.


  1. This whole transgender thing horrifies me. People who are confused about their sexuality are manipulated into surgery that is nothing short of mutilation. You cannot simply change sex. What these people need is to be taught to come to terms with the way they were born.

    1. You are so right. And I think, as I said in my post, it is not very enlightened to simply indulge delusional thinking.