Friday, March 15, 2013

Pope Francis I And The Politically Incorrect Church

     The election of Cardinal Bergoglio as the new leader of over a billion Catholics as Pope Francis I was historic. Not only because he was the first non-European elected to that position since Pope Gregory in 700, but because of the historic level of ignorance the news media exhibited for all things faith-based. The report I saw was on CNBC, but I'm sure a similar lack of religious decorum and knowledge was exhibited on other networks as well.
     The proudly uninformed and woefully inadequate anchor on CNBC actually made the comment that Jorge Bergoglio was a compromise choice for the conclave of cardinals. I could understand if he had made this comment about a Cardinal from the hated and evil United States. But isn't it in these people's contracts to promote countries like Argentina because, like the rest of the world, they have been robbed and abused by the U.S.? Does this "I have to remind myself to breath because I'm too stupid to stay alive otherwise" anchor know anything about the process used by the cardinals to elect a new Pope? It is not a political process but a spiritual one.
     But then I wouldn't expect anyone from the main stream media specifically, and from the Left in general, to understand spiritual matters. The cardinals believe, sincerely from their perspective, that they are inspired by the Holy Spirit to select a new leader of God's church on earth. Whether the media or anyone on the Left doesn't believe that, it is only important that that is the basis from which the cardinals elect one of their members to be the new Pope. But the Left doesn't understand anyone operating under anything but purely political motives, so being moved by the Holy Spirit is as foreign to them as truth is to our current President.
     The other troublesome comments made by anchors all over the media is the incessant focus on whether Pope Francis will reform the church on issues ranging from contraception to gay rights, as if the Pope is some sort of community agitator, like you know who. The Left is incapable of understanding any person or organization having values that form the very core of their existence. The principles under which the church was established two thousand years ago are the same scriptural-based principles then, now and forever. They are based on God's word and he doesn't change to suit the latest flavor-of-the-day, politically correct positions. God, and by extension His church here on earth, are proudly and un-apologetically politically incorrect. If Pope Francis I is to be a successful leader of the Catholic church, he will reaffirm the principles which established it and re-dedicate it to the timeless values of God's word.


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