Saturday, November 8, 2014

A Last Stand Against ObamaCare

     Some of the scared rabbits on the Right have suggested that the new Republican majority not try very hard to repeal ObamaCare because it is a losing battle. They say a repeal vote should be taken quickly to satisfy the constituencies of those who made it a campaign promise, but the new majority should not jeopardize future electoral victory by dwelling on repeal too long. Their point is that even if Republicans pass repeal in the House and the Senate, President Obama will veto such an effort, and Republicans do not have anywhere near a veto-proof majority.
     I too thought as the scared little rabbits of the Republican Party thought, but then I actually looked at the issue in the cold daylight of reality. ObamaCare is the single biggest detriment to Liberty and to financial security in this country, and it will, more than any other piece of legislation passed in modern history, become a deleterious effect on the relationship between the people and their government. From that stand point, all efforts to remove the yoke of government-run health care from around the necks of the American people should be attempted.
     The Republican control of the House and Senate will allow them to pass a repeal without a problem. But before they do they should have a free market alternative to the current law. It is more than a little suspicious that the Republican establishment has had five years to coalesce Republican rank and file around an alternative to the Affordable Care Act, and have failed to do so. It is almost as if the scourge of government-run health care is a virtue as long as they are in control of the government that administers it.
     Once the Republicans have an alternative, which they must draft immediately, they need to gain public support for it by marketing it as a viable alternative to ObamaCare. If they are successful in their public campaign it will add pressure on Democrats in the Senate to support such a plan. Freshly stinging from the mid-term elections just passed, and knowing it was in large part due to President Obama's unpopularity which is anchored by ObamaCare, Democrat senators may join Republicans to over ride a veto of a repeal and replace law. Do not think it has escaped Democrats' notice that 28 Democrat senators who voted for ObamaCare are no longer in the Senate.
     The Republicans would only need about 15 Democrat senators who are in fear of losing their seats, and may not want to go down with the Obama sinking ship. There have been rumblings that many of the old guard of the Democrat Party like the Clintons, have patience that is at its breaking point with Barack Obama and his shenanigans. There is even talk of an "intervention" of some kind, where the president is taken to the Party woodshed and given a good whacking for putting the Party in such perilous straights.  
     There is never going to be a more opportune time for Republicans to rid the country of the unconstitutional health care law and stem the precipitous slide into the darkness of socialism. It is unfathomable to me that anyone who believes in the cause of Liberty would accept defeat without even engaging in battle. It is a battle, I think, can be won, must be won, and will be won because there really is no other option but to meekly accept the chains of tyranny.

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