Monday, November 3, 2014

While We Slumbered

     Some may look around at the state of the union and ask, "How did we get here?" A more poignant and relevant question to me is, "Why did we allow ourselves to get here?" From an education system that is the worse outcome of Plato's two most important questions for a society, "Who is teaching the children, and what are they teaching them?" To Voltaire's observation that, "Virtue begot prosperity, and then the daughter ate the mother." We have allowed ourselves and our children to be corrupted by what conservative commentator Dennis Prager calls the "most dynamic religion of the last hundred years." That is Leftism.
     While we slumbered, in the warm embrace of the prosperity brought to us by the morality and virtue of free market capitalism, we have allowed an unholy alliance between corporations and government to form. It has corrupted a system whose fairness is exemplified by the moral act of a supplier of a good or service and a consumer who wants, needs, or desires that good or service coming to terms without the interference of government.
     While we slumbered, the poor have been radicalized by their dependence on government which demonstrates itself in acrimony and even hatred for those who pay their freight. And the once strong, independent, and virtuous middle class has been inculcated with a dependence on government which has eroded their strength, independence, and virtue. We have allowed this behemoth called big government to grow to unwieldy dimensions as an unholy sacrifice to the false gods, of compassion, fairness, and equality.
     While we slumbered, our children have been taught to hate their own country, which has advanced the human condition more than any other in history, and they have ben prepared to accept the dark, immorality of decency's enemy called Islam. Recently, scarcely more than a dozen years after radical Islam took down the World Trade Center buildings and murdered 3,000 innocent Americans, their evil doctrine is being taught not only in our public schools, but in some so-called Christian schools.
     While we slumbered, Multiculturalism has replaced a culture that brought the world advancements in medicine, technology, engineering, manufacturing, and the cause of Liberty that was and is unmatched in all the world and the long history of man upon this earth. Abraham Lincoln called the United States of America the "The last best hope of man on earth." Ronald Reagan in his Seminole speech, A Time For Choosing,  said that we will "save for our children this last best hope of man on earth, or sentence them to take the last step into a thousand years of darkness."
     While we slumbered, while we slumbered, while we slumbered. But soon the slumber will end and we will awaken to that darkness about which President Reagan spoke half a century ago, or we will awaken in time to save that "Last best hope of man on earth." The choice is ours, not politicians in Washington, not those in corporate boardrooms, and not our enemy that currently invades our homeland one head at a time. It is ours, and we must choose while the choosing is still a choice..

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