Wednesday, November 5, 2014

What Now Republicans?

     The 2014 mid-term elections are "in the can," and the Republicans have emerged with their majority in the House of Representatives intact, and with a brand new two seat majority in the United States Senate. The voters have spoken, although not so clearly in favor of Republicans as they have spoken against President Obama and the Democrats. And inasmuch as I am sanguine about the Republicans taking control of the Senate, and expelling Harry Reid as Senate Majority Leader, the new Leader, Mitch McConnell, may just be a distinction without a difference.
     The GOP's majority may vaporize in 2016 if the Republican establishment, as they are so oft to do, misinterpret the voters' decision in this election to mean they want "bi-partisanship" and for the newly anointed Republican Senate to "reach across the aisle." Voters are drowning in the shark infested waters of Democrat rule and want the Republican Party to do something, anything to save the country from the blood thirsty sharks currently destroying it.
     While I am thankful for the Republican victories last night, and control of the Senate being put in their hands, I am cautiously pessimistic about their political courage to confront and defeat progressive policies where and when they can. In the past six years, and especially in the past four years that the Republicans have controlled the House, the pathetic refrain from GOP establishment types has been, "We do not have any power." or "We only have control of one half of one third of government."
     Well the people have spoken, albeit in a somewhat muted voice, and have given Republicans control of an entire branch of government. The people have said, "OK Republicans now you have complete control of both Houses of Congress, whatcha gonna do?" Depending on the response by the GOP in these next two years, the voters in 2016 will either reward them with the White House or admonish them with a loss of the majority in one or both Houses of Congress. We shall see which is the path the Republican establishment chooses for its Party.
     As for now, we can breath a sigh of relief that there is at least a plurality of voters in this country that still believe in the Founding principles set forth and enshrined in sanctified documents like the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Federalist Papers. Not all have succumbed to the desperate and disparaging ideology of the Left proffered by the modern Democrat Party. No, the people of the United States of America still believe in, wish to continue, and will do battle for the precious God-given tenets of Liberty. We will see if the Republican Party joins them in that quest, or if they cower from the challenge in the face of what is sure to be a political fire storm rained down upon them by the minority Party in Congress and their slavish sycophants in the media.

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