Friday, November 14, 2014

Jonathan Gruber: Face Of The Democrat Party

     The recent video of Jonathan Gruber, chief ObamaCare architect, that has surfaced showing the hubris-laden MIT "professor" admitting that the cornerstone of the new health care law was "lack of transparency" and lies, has been virtually ignored by the main stream media. That is not surprising to me, the greatest sin against journalism is the main stream media's compunction not to report. No, the Gruber revelation of what many conservatives already knew about the law, is that his pettifoggery is the standard modus operandi of the Democrat Party in modernity.
     As each new day passes, and brings with it evidence of the Democrat Party's complete contempt, not only for their political opposition, but for their own voters, I am amazed there are still any average Americans that can justify a vote for any Democrat. But then maybe Democrat voters do not mind being called stupid by those they entrust with their tax dollars and with an ever increasing chunk of their personal liberties.
     Mr. Gruber was rewarded handsomely for his role as chief liar, a cool $400,000 of tax payer money was used to fluff up his nest of artifice and venality. Not bad for a guy who designed the largest public policy initiative ever, a gruesome creeping thing that will not only change the relationship between government and the people in this country, but the free market economy in which Mr. Gruber has never actually worked. This too is the modern face of the Democrat Party. The government of, for, and by the people has been infused with the arrogantly ignorant who have no clue how the machine of free markets operates, yet aim to impose their academic theories upon it.
     Are there any sensible Americans who still vote Democrat? Can there be anyone who believes in the founding principles of this great nation that could willingly place the descendants of Liberty's Sons into the hands of those who despise them? The Gruber revelation is not so much in the words spoken by this turkey stuffed with the arrogance of his own ignorance. No, the real revelation is that there are any Americans left who support a political Party that has spawned such a blight on freedom.

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