Thursday, November 6, 2014

A Winning Agenda For The New Republican Majority

     Now that the American Voter, having been thoroughly kicked around by President Obama and a Democrat controlled Senate for six years, has given the Republican Party control of the entire legislative branch of the United States government, everyone is holding their collective breath to see how the new majority will perform. I have a three point plan that I think Mitch McConnell and the rest of his Republican colleagues in the Senate should implement immediately upon officially taking the reins of that body in January, 2015. A winning strategy for the country and for the Republican Party.
     Agenda Item 1: Immediately begin votes on the 350 bi-partisan bills passed by the House in the last few years that Harry Reid refused to let see the light of day. If Republicans do not succumb to pressure to reinstate the filibuster rule which former Majority Leader Reid and his colleagues eliminated, these bills can be brought to the Senate floor for a vote in fairly quick fashion. Furthermore, if Republicans keep Party discipline and vote as a block they can pass most of them.
     This first agenda item should be executed until every bill now languishing in the Senate has had a fair hearing on the floor. If the Republicans can send a bill a day or more to President Obama's desk for signature or veto, they can force him to either become a productive member of government, or expose himself as the obstinate and obstructive ideologue that he is. This item would also keep the president too busy to do much else but respond to the Republican majority, in other words put him on defense. Additionally, in the event that the president's natural laziness motivates him, any bill he has not signed or vetoed within ten days will automatically become law.
     Agenda Item 2: Make it perfectly clear to President Obama that if he wishes to govern through executive orders instead of constitutionally with the consent of Congress, they will not fund any executive order they feel is damaging to the country. President Obama must be made to understand that if he forces a government shutdown through his rigidity, the Republican majority is more than willing to carry such a shutdown through to its conclusion. That conclusion being a more constitutional form of responsible government.
     Agenda Item 3: The Republican House and Senate must restrain the president with a budget that decreases government spending. The Mack Penny Plan would be a good start. This is the plan which would freeze spending levels and reduce it by one penny of each dollar spent each year. Under this plan in 3-5 years the country would be living under a balanced budget, and in 10 years we could pay off the debt.
     The president must be made to understand that no more will the federal government run under the continuing resolution system it has been. There will be a budget submitted and worked out by both sides and imposed upon the federal government as the Constitution requires. The Republican majority must distinguish itself from the former Democrat majority in the Senate, which never passed a budget, by passing a workable and fiscally sound budget every year.
     These three agenda items would be a good foundation for stopping an out-of-control executive. There can be no substance to Tuesday's electoral victory unless the new majority imposes constitutional discipline as vigorously as the president and the former Democrat majority placed upon this government of, for, and by the people the extreme yoke of imposition that is the constant companion to men trying to rule over law.

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