Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Federal Injunction Gives Cover To Weak-Kneed Republicans

     So a federal court in Texas has issued a temporary injunction against President Obama's constitutionally-challenged amnesty executive order. And once again some on the Right have been placated by legalese that means very little. My theory is that the Texas court issued the injunction, not to stop President Obama, but to give cover to weak-kneed Republicans who are afraid of standing up for what is right if it involves "shutting down" part of the federal behemoth, namely the Department of Homeland Security.
     For at least the last four years that they have been able to, the Republicans have refused to employ one of the most effective tools available to them, the power of the purse. And before all those moderates out there begin to sing the same old sad song about how government shutdowns only hurt Republicans, the refusal to leave government shutdown on the table as a bargaining chip neuters any attempt to mitigate the destructive policies of this president.
     Besides the Republicans receiving cover from the Texas court, there really is no benefit to the injunction issued. President Obama has a history of disobeying orders by federal judges. Remember the two injunctions against his moratorium on drilling in the Gulf of Mexico in the wake of the BP spill? In that case the administration was even caught red-handed cutting and pasting scientists names to a completely different report than the one they wrote in protest of the president's moratorium.
     And then there was the time when a federal judge issued an injunction to prevent implementation of ObamaCare, which the president also ignored. The injunction was before Chief Justice Roberts twisted himself, and the law, into a pretzel in order to pass constitutional muster, but it is illustrative of Barack Obama's disdain for any Rule of Law that negatively affects his agenda for a "New America."
     So now we have arrived at yet another showdown between President Obama and the Rule of Law. Some on the Right have been strangely mollified by the federal injunction issued yesterday, even though it will be used for toilet paper by the administration currently occupying the White House. But Republicans in congress can use the federal order as a reason to once again do nothing and ensure the continuity of the Leftist domination of the "People's Government."


  1. Well said and so true. I've thought of the past times O has ignored injunctions and nothing was done. What good are checks and balances when the majority of our government "representatives" ignore them and give pass to things that are destroying our country.
    This is pathetic.

  2. Thanks for your comment and for reading. The constitution is a wonderful document, but it only works when it is followed.