Sunday, February 8, 2015

How The Team Culture Devalues The Individual

     Most people, especially those that are politically aware on the Right, have seen the cancer that is Leftism infect the healthy body of corporate America. The politicization of the work place has reared its ugly head with the imposition of the chains of political correctness, from whitewashing humor to interfering with the natural male/female relationship. The latter has revealed a growing dichotomy over the last few decades between a woman's "right" to engage in ever more salacious fashions, and her "right" not to have males (who, surprise, surprise are visually fixated beings) comment on said attire.
     One of the more insidious Leftist diseases to infect the workplace and cause a devaluing of workers is the Team Culture. I have nothing against teamwork to achieve a common goal. But corporate America, advised by high paid consultants with their heads in the cloud of Leftism, have convinced American workers that somehow their worth must be sacrificed to the gods of the Team Culture.
     I have experienced the Team Culture first hand. It is a culture that not only says individual workers are worth less, but any complaint about lower compensation or undefined job responsibilities is met with the accusation, "You are not being a team player." Team work is all fine and good, but no one attends work to be on a team, they do it to make money for themselves and their families. The seeds of Marxism have been firmly planted in the tainted soil of the Team Culture.
     It is no surprise that over the last few decades wages have stagnated while expectations placed on workers have increased significantly. This is all explained by the corporate consultants who sight studies purporting that American workers are more concerned with feeling appreciated and part of a team than they are with higher compensation. Balderdash! To the extent that statement is true, workers have been made to think if they feel differently they are somehow defective. It is how the Left pushes their agenda in every aspect of American life, i.e. by using the innate desire in humans to be part of the group to intimidate them into accepting the shackles of Leftism which aim to replace individualism with the collective.
     Teamwork is just one more concept that the Left has polluted with a corrupt ideology in order to impose their control. It is an imposition that has crept its way so slowly and innocuously into the corporate culture that it is hardly noticed, or it is hailed as having created a more "collaborative" workplace. Meanwhile, the high paid corporate masters and their high paid corporate consultants are grinning all the way to the bank having pulled the wool of self-depreciation over the eyes of corporate workers.

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