Friday, February 6, 2015

Why Obama Said What He Said About Christians

     President Obama's recent comments at the National Prayer Breakfast comparing Christians of a thousand years ago to today's radical Islamists were illustrative of the core function of Leftism. That core function is to remove distinctions and de-moralize the actions of immoral groups and ideologies. It is Barack Obama and the Lefts inability to embrace moral clarity for fear of being judged as judgmental and in some way less sophisticated than those who they consider "intolerant," that drives their every public action.
     First the historical problems with what the president said. The crusades of a thousand years ago were a Christian response to Muslim aggression against the followers of Christ. The Christian crusaders conducted the first war on terror, and it does not take much imagination to understand what the world would have looked like had they not fought radical Islam and had instead allowed a world-wide caliphate ten centuries ago.
     Barack Obama, laboring under his twisted view of history, also said that slavery and Jim Crow laws were perpetrated in the name of Christ. Let us not forget that the anti-slavery movement, which eventually freed black slaves, was a Christian movement. And the Jim Crow laws in the South were a result of Democrat political ideology, not Christian doctrine. In fact, the civil rights movement, lead by Reverend Martin Luther King Jr., was fueled by the good reverend's Christian values and his belief in the United States constitution.
      The blurring of separation between opposite sides of morality or tenets of natural law is the primary function of Leftism. As radio talk show host and author Dennis Prager puts it, "The Left aims to destroy the separation between God and man, man and woman, man and animals, good and evil, and holy and profane." The proceeding statement is the core function of Leftism, and has been the outcome of almost every legislative activity engaged in by the Democrat Party in recent decades.
      So President Obama's misstatement of history and his moral equivalency acrobatics at the prayer breakfast was not motivated by disdain for Christianity or his sympathy with radical Islam, as some have suggested, but from his deep seeded desire to create a moral-less society that is more dependent on government. Lack of religiosity necessarily increases the need for bigger government in any society. The Left has figured this out and made it their all-consuming passion to eliminate morality from the public sphere and replace it with the immorality of big government.

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