Friday, February 13, 2015

No, No, No To Re-Authorization

     President Obama's request for war re-authorization is his best imitation of a political tight-rope walker. He must at least act as though he wishes to destroy, degrade, deflate, or denigrate ISIS, so as to appear to the vast majority of Americans like he is protecting the homeland. On the other hand, his request is laced with so many restrictions, one would be hard pressed to see it as anything but an obligatory Democrat attempt to look tough on America's enemies, that is if he even admits that we have enemies.
     The president's telegraphy is laced with the seeds of failure. With its timetables, boundaries,  and troop limits, it is analogous to the head coach of a football team making a pre-Super Bowl announcement that during the game his players will only run the ball and never pass and will not traverse the fifty yard line. But still somehow the coach brags that his team will annihilate their opponent.
     It is hard to believe that it was only a year or so ago that President Obama called ISIS the junior varsity team. And yet this JV team has wreaked havoc in the Middle East and been able to recruit fighters, kidnap western hostages, and share video of their executions with the world, almost entirely at will. This JV team has taken control of oil fields and use the wealth therein to supply their terrorist network with almost unlimited funding. This JV team has caused the U.S. victory that was Iraq to be  transformed into defeat like some sadistic magician's trick.
     It has been a busy 6 years for Barack Obama, transforming the Middle East from tentative unrest to complete and utter chaos. But then chaos is the watch word of a community agitator like our president, whether it is racial and class division domestically, or the rise of radical Islam halfway around the world. Chaos, either directly created by Barack Obama or allowed to happen under his watch, is the main ingredient needed for the poisonous stew of big government.
     For any intellectually honest person, the pre-Barack Obama Middle East was much more stable and peaceful than it is now. Iraq, pre-ISIS, was not perfect but was well on its way to peace and self-governance. Egypt under Mubarak was at least a stable U.S. ally, not a country that may erupt into chaos at any moment and oust the seemingly pro-Western government. Libya under Kaddafi's control had been declawed and was subdued. Yemen was not a tourist location, but it also was not a place where the U.S. had to close its embassy either. And pre-Obama Iran was against the ropes and getting very close to abandoning its nuclear ambitions.
     I am not opposed to the president asking congress for re-authorization of war powers, as long as they will be used to their fullest to defeat, destroy, and decimate an enemy called radical Islam. But if this authorization is the tight rope upon which Barack Obama will perform his political dance theatrics, then I say no, no, no.      

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