Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Is Barack Obama A Secret Muslim

     Many on the Right firmly believe that Barack Obama is a secret, or not so secret Muslim. The theory goes that the president's Islamic leanings have caused him to go easy on radical Islamic terrorism and is the reason that he will not utter the words Islam and terror in the same sentence. In fact, the votaries of this Obama-as-Muslim theory also say the president is trying to destroy America from within and make it fertile ground for the Islamic caliphate.
     The videos one can watch on YouTube purporting to show President Obama "admitting" to being Muslim show the president speaking positively about the faith. Not exactly proof of matriculation into said faith. I speak positively of Judaism, but that does not make me a Jew. I guess the difference is that we are actually at war, or at least should be at war, with the most radical parts of Islam. It is analogous to if President Roosevelt spoke kindly about Nazis during WWII.
     But is the current president's seeming respect for our enemies a result of faith or ideology? Sometimes the two blur into one line and it is difficult to judge which is which. But in the case of Barack Obama, I think I can say with certainty that his remarks that allegedly support the Muslim Faith are more a product of Leftism than of Islam. Many of the tenets of Leftism and Islam are similar and some of the goals remain shockingly symbiotic, but the two diverge in the realm of subtlety.
     Where the radical Islamist beheads, burns, and tortures his victims, the radical Leftist seeks to destroy his opponents by mitigating the general public's ability to think critically and reason rationally, therefore eliminating the need to actually execute opposition. President Obama's faux support of Islam the faith is simply the practice of Saul Alinsky's marginalizing your political opposition. What better way for Barack Obama to marginalize conservatives than with the hammer and sickle of applying political correctness to the acts and personage of this country's enemies?
     The way it works is that the Leftist morally equates the acts of our enemies with that of the dominant culture of our own country. Hence the statement by President Obama at the recent National Prayer breakfast where he equated the current acts of barbarism committed by radical Islam with the Christian crusades of a thousand years ago. But it could have been the acts of any faith or group that Mr. Obama thought he could use to silence conservatives, or any political opposition for that matter.
     The real truth I have seen in action over the last six years is that Barack Obama has no particular love or connection to blacks, Hispanics, or Islamists. He is a classic narcissist who will take any position or defend any group in order to advance his personal agenda of the accumulation of power and influence. A narcissist wants the love and admiration of everyone, and those who do not give him that unconditional adulation are automatically his enemies. He does not see political opposition, only devotees and enemies. And he will align with anyone or anything that will lead to the destruction of his enemies. 

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