Friday, May 1, 2015

Black Disaffection And The Radical Gay Community

     There are those that say the causes of the anger under which the Baltimore rioters are operating are many and complex. Some, like the president, think, or at least he says he thinks, the cause is lack of "investment" in minority communities. But this overly simplistic assessment is one which is designed to grow government with even more programs that help bureaucrats and community agitator types, but very few others. After all, over the last 50 years this country has taken 22 trillion from those who have earned it, ostensibly to lift up the down trodden. The only thing that has been lifted are the incomes of those who administer such programs.
     I do not subscribe to the notion that it has been this country's past sin of slavery, and the subsequent sin of discrimination, that has so thoroughly disaffected young blacks today that the only way they see to express themselves is by looting, burning, and committing other acts of violence upon the city in which they live. Since Republicans slapped down the Democrats racist policies that kept blacks in second class citizen status fifty years ago, blacks have seen their ranks swell in professions from law to electrical engineering.
     But those on the Left and in the Democrat Party who benefit from disaffectedness among blacks have sought to preach the sermon of racial inequality, and the sacrament of slavery victimhood. This new racism, practiced by white Democrats and the black community's self-appointed leaders, aims to enslave blacks on the Leftist plantation of dependence by convincing them that their success in life does not depend on the content of their character, but their ability to mark a ballot for Democrats.
     But now after 50 years of assigning the power of civil rights almost exclusively to blacks, Democrats have transferred its deed to the radical homosexual community. The U.S. census data reveals that the gay population in America is about 2.3% of the total population. Of that six million or so gays only about two million are in committed relationships, according to a recent Gallup poll. Even if all the gays in committed relationships are rabid supporters of changing the millennia old definition of marriage to now include homosexual relationships, that comprises a population of about two million people.
     No wonder blacks are upset, they have been sent to the back of the bus by Democrats in favor of their new favorite minority group that is about one twentieth the size. I believe the real disaffection of blacks has come at the hands of the political Party that has for decades told them they had their backs, and now has left their numbers ravaged by destructive programs, in favor of a new and sexier minority that never suffered slavery, Jim Crow, or violence committed against them as they were marching for their basic right to participate in society.

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