Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Time To Remove The Race Card From The Deck

     This week at a museum dedication no less, First Lady Michelle Obama used the opportunity to once again play the race card, as has been her and her husband's modus operandi for the last six plus years. From her high perch of extreme wealth and power she reached back into her privileged childhood where she grew up in a family who financially was firmly planted in the top ten percent of wage earners in the country, to once again whine about being discriminated against based on her skin color, this time in the museums of Chicago. Correct me if I am wrong, but are not most museums dominated by Left-leaning persons? So if poor little rich girl Michelle was kept out of museums in her neighborhood, which I highly doubt, it was done so by those of the same political ideology of the First Lady.
     The latest myth proffered by the race-baiters and race-profiteers is that blacks need to be held to a lower standard when it comes to public behavior and law breaking because of the effect that slavery has had on their psyches. This load of excrement is matched only by the product of pumping the portable toilets at a hippie festival that has free granola bars. If a black child was placed into an environment from birth in which the terms and conditions of slavery were never a part of his education, he would not inherently have some emotional reaction to that institution.   
     In other words to the extent that modern blacks, who are at least half a dozen generations removed from slavery, have a disability because of an institution which was abandoned and outlawed by an ever more just society 150 years ago, it is because of those who benefit from convincing them of that particular disability. The Democrat Party and others on the Left have a vested interest in keeping the flames of revenge against America for slavery alive and well. As well as having a vested interest in inculcating as many blacks as possible with the feelings of inadequacy as a result of an institution of which they had no part.
     The real slave masters are those on the Left that choose not to inspire blacks by holding up as an example of achievement those of their race like the Obamas, Colin Powel, Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, Ben Carson, et al, but conversely choose to weigh down the black race with the anchor of resentment for ills of a society that long ago have been banished from civilized life.  

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