Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Cleveland Braces For Brelo Verdict

     On November 29, 2012 Cleveland police were lead on a 23 mile chase through Cleveland, into East Cleveland by two crackheads named Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams. Russell, the driver of the vehicle the pair were in, tried to use his vehicle as a weapon against police. Thirteen officers open fired on the pair, fearing they had a gun which they had reason to believe, but which later turned out to be not true. Russell and Williams were shot dead after the officers fired 137 rounds of ammunition into the vehicle.
     Officer Michael Brelo was one of the officers on the seen that night, and amazingly enough was the only officer charged in the deaths of Russell and Williams. Some how it was determined by Prosecutor McGinty that the rounds that killed Russell and Williams came from the gun of Officer Michael Brelo. Mr. McGinty then set about his task of poisoning the jury pool by beginning to try the case in public before the trial.
     So dedicated was Prosecutor McGinty to a figurative lynching of Michael Brelo that he tried to deny the defendant his constitutional right to waive a trial by jury, which would be culled from the Cleveland pool that McGinty had prejudiced against the defendant. Thankfully for the sake of justice the Brelo legal team was able to secure Mr. Brelo's right to have the case decided by a judge. Being a resident of a suburb of Cleveland, I am well acquainted with the political shenanigans of Mr. McGinty. But the political motivations of some prosecutors is a subject for another article.
     The trial of officer Brelo has ended and the city is awaiting word from the judge on the guilt or non-guilt of Michael Brelo. During the ensuing period Cleveland city leaders are on edge and calling for non-violence in the case that the embattled officer is found not guilty in the deaths of Russell and Williams. I have to wonder why they are not bracing for violence and calling for calm in the event that Mr. Brelo is found guilty?
     This dichotomy of reactions to the same event in Cleveland, Ohio is illustrative of the reduced expectations that the Left has for certain groups over other groups based solely on skin color and socio-economic status. It also is educative of the willingness of such leaders to abdicate their responsibility to keep law and order in the city, having been completely cowered by the mob.
     God forbid that Cleveland erupts in days of violence if Michael Brelo is found not guilty. It is a strange hypocrisy on the Left that leads to a child being suspended from school for biting his sand which into the shape of a gun because of a "no tolerance" policy toward violence in our schools, yet a blind eye is turned by these same people when street thugs use real guns, fire, bricks, and looting to "protest" what they see as inequality.

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