Thursday, May 28, 2015

Rand Paul Is A Twenty First Century Joseph McCarthy

     Recently I have been trying to surmise just what is Rand Paul's end game. He certainly can not be seriously thinking that he has any chance whatsoever of winning the Republican nomination for the presidential election of 2016. Up until recently, I thought maybe he was trying to just influence the Republican Party towards radical Libertarianism. That he thought he could succeed where his unhinged father, Ron Paul, had failed, i.e. moving the political party of which he is a member in name only, towards his vision for the Party.
     Well, after hearing Senator Paul's comments on MSNBC's Morning Joe the other day, I think I finally have figured out what Rand's end game is. First of all for those who do not know, Rand Paul blamed the "hawks" in his party for the creation of ISIS. This statement instantly made Rand Paul more valuable to and interested in Hillary Clinton winning the presidency than she is. Not only is his comment deliberately incendiary to the very voters he is hoping to court, but they illustrate a lack of foreign policy and geopolitical knowledge that is worse than the current occupant of the White House.
     I could almost forgive Mr. Paul's naiveté when it comes to the NSA metadata collection program, but this most recent blunder by the Kentucky Senator is beyond the pale of simple ignorance. Of course I do not happen to believe that Rand Paul actually believes his stated position on the NSA program, he has taken it in order to appeal to the kook Right fringe that see government agents under their beds and hiding in their closets.
     Mr. Paul is a bright man, and must know that the NSA collecting phone numbers (which are not private property) that have called other phone numbers and when, is an invasion of no ones civil liberties. It does not even come close to violating the Fourth Amendment. Rand Paul is the 21st century version of Joseph McCarthy, sans the booze. Just like McCarthy, who saw communists everywhere in the 1950s, Mr. Paul sees overreaching, Liberty adverse government everywhere. Just as Senator McCarthy was correct, but ruined the effectiveness of his cause with his own overreach, so Senator Paul is traveling that same  road.
     What Rand Paul revealed with his recent comment is that there is little difference on foreign policy between himself and Hillary Clinton. Which was evident from his past weak-kneed stances on geopolitical matters. But now he has added a despicable dimension to his rapporteur, blaming others in his own party for the creation of terrorist elements in the Middle East which are clearly the result of President Obama's feckless policy. That makes Mr. Rand Paul the best friend the Democrat nominee for president in 2016 could ever have.

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  1. Actually think he would make a good President.