Monday, May 4, 2015

The Slow Death Of Justice In Baltimore

     I just figured out why the Left is so dispassionate about the thugs in Baltimore looting their community, it is the modus operandi of the Left. But for Leftist politicians, like our current president and most of his political Party, the looting takes the form of hirer taxes on those who have produced. This government looting also takes the form of executive branch bureaucracies fining businesses into the billions of dollars, as they did with Citigroup for the financial crisis that was caused by the government's own policies.
     We are entering a period in our history which is very dangerous. It is an age of wisdom-less, not a continuation of the enlightened age of this nation's founders. The recent statement in Baltimore by Prosecutor Mosby, i.e. that she indicted the six officers (three of whom were black) because of what the mob wanted, and not based on the long tradition of legal justice in this country, is evidence of the lack of wisdom that has become all too common place in our leaders.
     Ms. Mosby stated that she was seeking justice in this case so that the protesters could have peace. In other words the mob threatened more violence and she indicted to placate it. This thinking, which is becoming more prevalent on the Left, is antithetical to the constitution which holds the ideal of justice above any action for which any mob is inciting. The justice of Plato, the Bible, and the United States constitution has been subjugated by the Left to the whim of racial politics.
    The Left aims to replace the millennia old concept of justice based on a higher morality with a regressive form of justice based on the emotional outburst of a mob. And those like Ms. Mosby who enable mobs in the future to be the arbiters of legal fairness, are guilty of a crime against not only justice but the enlightenment that was the bequeathal to modern society by men like Franklin, Jefferson, and Madison. Whenever moral concepts like justice are bastardized by the impure purveyors of politics, the true enlightenment of man is mitigated and his barbarity advances from the depths of where it was banished.
        It took many lives and many centuries to achieve a just and moral society, and now that morality and justice has been cavalierly disbanded by a political ideology that seeks equality over justice, equality over morality, equality over common sense, equality over fairness, and equality even over the tenets of the very constitution that has given the world the greatest pathway to Liberty and freedom in the history of man.

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