Thursday, June 4, 2015

The Cold, Unfeeling Leftist State

     Leftist thought is like a cancer that has quickly metastasized in the healthy body of this great country over the last few decades. Barack Obama is not the problem, but a symptom of the problem. The cause of Leftism has existed even before the current president was born. It was sown in the filthy corrupt thought of Karl Marx, a man who never actually worked for a living (big surprise), and was given nutrition by progressives of the early twentieth century like Teddy Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, Louis Brandies, et al.
      The biggest lie of the Leftist is that he is the sole owner of compassion in this country, and all those who oppose his tyranny are cold, heartless beings who are only interested in lining their pockets with ill-gotten gains. The fact is that in locations throughout the world, and certainly across this great nation, where Leftist policies are in control, there is only hardship and pain for those who live under them. And the only real beneficiaries of the vileness of Leftist policy are those that have charged themselves with its administration.
     One recent and most glaring example of the Lefts inhumanity towards the downtrodden for their own political gain is the Bruce Jenner melodrama. The Left in all its heartless forms has celebrated the mental illness of Mr. Jenner, as well as others afflicted with his form of dementia. Instead of treating such mental illness with compassion, understanding, and therapy, the Left has chosen to use these unfortunate individuals to advance an agenda which aims to  eliminate the boundaries between male and female by artificially manufacturing sexes that do not exist.
     The cruelest form of child abuse existing in modernity is the Lefts insistence on teaching school children that they can choose what sex they wish to be. They encourage children in schools as young as five years old to explore their sexual identity and become transgender if they feel they have been accidentally placed into the wrong type of body. This is tantamount to encouraging someone to actively pursue multiple personalities or delusional paranoia as a functioning lifestyle.
     For those on the Left that do not understand human biology, there are two sexes, male and female. In some very rare cases individuals are born with both male and female sex organs and are called hermaphrodites. Those who feel that they are the opposite sex to that suggested by their genitalia have a mental illness, just as someone who thinks they are a chicken, a dog, or a tree. Would these same persons on the Left that encourage the afflicted like Bruce Jenner also encourage an individual with the other three delusions I mentioned to radically mutilate their bodies to become the physical manifestation of the delusion inside their mind?
     It has been amazing in recent years for me to watch the uncompassionate and cruel response of the Left to persons wishing to become transgender. It is a deliberate attempt to blur the lines between what male and female are because then a human being is just an empty vessel to be molded into any creature or form that can be dreamed of by the sick-minded and demented. It is a brave new world created by the Left where there is no grace, mercy, or understanding of the better nature of the human heart. There is only the deep, dark chasm of the ever present hand maiden of the Left, i.e. the State.

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