Friday, June 26, 2015

Supreme Court Makes Possible A Tyranny Of The Minority

     Yesterday the Supreme Court of the United States placed themselves above the law of man by ignoring words in the Affordable Care Act and deciding they did not mean what they clearly stated. Today the Supreme Court of the United States placed themselves above the law of God by finding the non-existent right to gay marriage in the United States constitution in opposition to millennia of culture and civilization, not to mention the laws of nature and God.
     It is more than a little coincidental that yesterdays decision was arrived at in part because of the 6 million Americans getting federal subsidies under ObamaCare that may have been removed if the Justices ruled according to the law. In the gay marriage decision today 5 justices decided on their own to change the definition of marriage for everyone based on a potential pool of gay marriage participants that is at most 6 million. This considers that only 2% of the population is gay and that not all of them want to marry anyway.
     When Justice Scalia wrote in his dissenting opinion that this decision is a blow to democracy, he was not in any way engaging in hyperbole. I have read the constitution many times and have never seen marriage mentioned within its text, let alone gay marriage. The reason is simple; the Founders left those kinds of decisions to the purview of the states. But just like Roe v Wade, the Left could not accomplish its tyranny through legislative means and therefor did so through the court.
     Not only has the Tenth Amendment been the casualty of the Supreme Court's decision today (the amendment that clearly states that any powers not specifically granted to the federal government or denied to the states, is to be considered within the authority of the states and the people) but the self-governance of the American people has been as well. When 5 lawyers in black robes can simply overturn the will of the people in one or more states, then our entire system is a fraud and the guiding principle of the American Revolution has been abandoned.
     The very basis of our American values and principles being held hostage by a very slim minority is a tyranny just as evil as a tyranny committed by any misguided majority. The Founders of this great nation created the system they did so that the minority would not be oppressed and downtrodden by the majority. Never did they envision a time when less than 2% of the American population could not only put asunder the sacred principles outlined in our founding documents, but reverse the will and sanction of God. 

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